Midday Fix: Holiday photo beauty tips from Candace Corey

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Candace Corey



Freshen Up Your Skin
Whether you wear makeup or not, looking your best starts with good looking skin. Be sure to remove all traces of dirt and debris by opting for a cleansing brush instead of the traditional wash cloth. Not only will it deep clean, but it will also give skin a microdermabrasion polish so you can look refreshed and healthy in your photos. Just be sure to include the same benefits to your neck, especially if your outfit shows off your collar bone.

Since it is the winter season, be sure to piggy back the benefits of the added water in the skin by applying  a moisturizer immediately after washing your face. If you are over 25 years of age, be sure to use anti-aging products to plump up the look of fine lines before you apply your makeup. When skin is moisturized properly your body won’t try to take the hydration from your makeup, causing it to look faded and cracked in photos.

Don’t forget your lips during this time as well. Chapped lips is always a big “NO NO” in photos. Try applying a coat of the Bejeweled Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips to deeply moisturize lips with a sheer rosy tint, which can also be a great option instead of the traditional lip color. The technique may be ‘old school’ but it can still make your pucker can look perfect without the hassle of constant up keep that lipstick gives. No worries of lipstick in the teeth either.

Avoid looking tired
If you have a hectic schedule, avoid looking tired by cutting out salt which can make eyes look puffy. Also skip drinking a lot of coffee or soda. The caffeine rush may feel energizing at the moment but your energy level can plummet by picture time, making you appear even more exhausted.

Choosing the best colors
Even though you may love how you look in your bright green dress, don’t feel that you have to match your makeup to your clothes. Use the same tricks that professional stylists use all the time by applying colors that make your SKIN look it’s best — not your fashion. Use highly pigmented products that have crease proof benefits. Browns, beiges and chocolates always look great on all skin tones. When you apply those tones to your nails as well, it can make fingers appear longer and more elegant.

A few makeup tricks to consider
To look younger, focus most of your eye shadow to the upper part of the eye. Create lift by adding darkest tones to the outer corners of the eye. For a more smoldered look, smudge deep shades to both the top and bottom eye. Applying a light shimmer to the inner corners of the eye can make you appear more vibrant and awake.

Pictures will be posted on the internet and in family photo albums for a lifetime, so be sure to frame your face with beautiful hair. Start by checking your color. If it’s gotten mousey since summer, revive your color with rich tones with at-home kits. Not sure what color you want? Stop by a wig shop while you’re at the mall and try on possible colors before you take the plunge.

Instead of doing your everyday look, try a different style for the season. If you have straight hair try something curly. If you have natural curls opt for something more sleek, just be sure to use styling products that contain keratin protein to protect your hair as you straighten it. Coconut and almond oil will also give it added moisture and prevent frizz.

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