Riverside police to tweet names of drivers arrested for DUI

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

squad-car-lightsThe names of drivers arrested for DUI will now be tweeted by the police department in west suburban Riverside.

Officials say they’re targeting drivers under 30, who account for the majority of drunk driving arrests.

The department’s Twitter account is @pdriverside.

Names, ages and hometowns of offenders will be tweeted after they post bond or make a court appearance.

Police defend the move, saying  arrest information already is available under public information laws.

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  • cliff kelly

    I am a strong supporter of getting drunks off the road but whatever happened to having your day in court?
    To post the name of somebody arrested for drunk driving is technically posting the name of an innocent person. The posting of names should be after they are CONVICTED in a court of law.

    • ofc_billmo

      You don't get it! Each year (yes, here come the statistics. We know how you ignoramuses love statistics), over 9,000 people are killed by drunk drivers every year (SOURCE: NTSB, NHSC). That is more than the attacks on Pearl Harbor and on 9/11/2001. If you want my opinion, drunk drivers should pay their debt to society FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES! Why? Because the friends and families of those 9,000 people are paying FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES! And those 9,000 people paid WITH THEIR LIVES!
      If you drive drunk and get busted, YOU BROUGHT IT ON YOUR SELF! If you end up homeless and can't find a job because of a DUI, YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF! I'm all for it! The best solution: NO TRIAL! THE COPS SHOULD JUST SHOOT THEM RIGHT WHERE THEY WERE PULLED OVER AND DISPLAY THEIR NO GOOD CARCASSES IN PUBLIC!
      (Here comes more statistics) 65% of those that get a DUI will get arrested AGAIN fro DUI TWICE within 5 years of their first DUI!
      At the very least, charge them with attempted murder. Why? 1.) They intended to get drunk and 2.) They intended to get behind the wheel!
      But, I am more of a fan of just shooting them where they stagger.
      Enough of this bleeding heart constitution crap! Drunks and child molesters should be the exception!
      And don't give me that "targeting social drinking" crap either!

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