“Overwhelmed” animal rescue under investigation

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture is trying to find out what happened to more than 1,000 cats adopted by Purrs from the Heart.The not-for-profit has been adopting cats and placing them in foster homes for around 4 years and they tell WGN they just overwhelmed, but insist they never put any cats in harms way.

The head of the organization say they tried to save as many cats from Chicago’s shelter and would up adopting 12o0 cats this past year.  They say the cats were very sick and about 500 died and 45 were euthanized.  About 100 – 150 of the animals were placed in a home on Paulina Street.  Purrs from the Heart paid the owner of the home to look after the cats, but when the organization found out they weren’t being cared for, they places them elsewhere, something investigators are looking into.  30 – 40 cats were taken to a barn in the western suburbs.

Cats from both places will now be moves to the Treehouse Humane Society where they have a full-time staff and a vet.

Purrs from the Heart says it is done rescuing cats for now.

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  • Tom Talty

    The Illinois Department of Agriculture is investigating something? Well that is sure a change! Where were they when Curtis Cleary in Lexington, IL maliciously starved 60 cats in his barn, and 12 dogs in his house??? The investigator literally refused to even look at the evidence! Ugh!

  • Ann Edwards

    From what I understand, this story barely scrapes the surface of what actually happened. Also, who wrote up this story? Why is it riddled with errors?

  • Anonymous

    If you visit Facebook ” post recovery cacc rescue ” you will see the horrors, sad faces of the cats that were in purrs from the heart’s ” care”. Neglected, starved, eyes infected and ruptured. Not to mention the amount of pledge money the stole from supporters. None of that money went to the animals care. Cats were dumped on Paulina to get them out of the riverside house which was being investigated. Then purrs had to move them from Paulina in the middle of the night when that location came under investigation. These cats were set loose on englewood streets, dumped back to acs, allowed to die, many were put down and the rest dumped on a farm.
    Note, these 1200 cats ” rescued” not over 4 years…. These were pulled over 4 months time ! 1200 cats in 4 months. Sickening. Over 700 are still missing. Many of these were owner surrenders and helpless kittens.
    All this on purrs head, hope you can feel the weight of all these souls. May god help you.

  • Mary N

    I have tried three times to have the gofundme page taken down, or at least disabled from accepting donations, pending further investigation. How about adding this into the next story update? http://www.gofundme.com/3yxtl4 Here is the facebook group trying to sort it all out. It is very heartbreaking. Your story is fluff in comparison to what is really happening. I have 2 of their foster cats and they never cared or helped me with food or vet care. https://www.facebook.com/groups/353140768163252/

    • Alleycat41769

      I don't foster for Purrs but I know many who are or had. I want to say Thanks for all you are doing for the 2 precious babies you have.

  • Edgar Allen Poe

    I know the person who was there was there and took the photos. She said you f'ed up on the story. She is displeased with your work and you have grammatical errors.

  • Alleycat41769

    Sickening! I have never been a foster for Purrs From The Heart. But have friends that had been. That was until they started to ask questions.Then today this story breaks. I hope this comes true for Sherry and the others that took part in this nightmare for those poor precious souls that were lost! (I wish that all animal abusers would be punished to the fullest extent and then given the eye for an eye treatment! In my opinion, there isn't any room or place for animal abusers anywhere on this earth! ) <— This came from one of Sherry's Facebook page. Now I don't know if this is true or not. Only those out there that knew Sherry and Brian (Purrs From The Heart) I once heard mention of another name under which she and Brian pulled cats. I SURE THE HELL HOPE IT IS A LIE!!

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