Fast food and retail workers strike for higher pay

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

If you’re planning on grabbing lunch at your local eatery, you may need a Plan B.

Fast food workers and retail workers nationwide are on strike today. They are demanding $15 an hour and the right to unionize. Organizers say workers in 100 U.S. cities, including Chicago, walked off the job as early as 6:30am.

A similar strike in August attracted fast-food workers from 60 cities, they say. The President weighed in on the issue this week, saying the federal minimum wage needs to be raised.

Not so fast, others say. Some restaurants are questioning how large the movement really is.

A McDonald’s spokeswoman says they are not strikes, but rather rallies staged by outside groups.

One Chicago McDonald’s employee, Janah Bailey, says she works two jobs at two different fast food restaurants and attends school.  She says her family needs the money and a pay raise would help.

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  • Chris

    You'd think they were joking….this is a completely ridiculous demand. I didn't make more than $15/hour until after I finished my Master's Degree. If you want to make more money….then learn the skills you need to move up. You do not get to poorly plan your life and then force everyone else to foot the bill because you can't afford anything.

    • Richard

      With inflation and today's prices of gas 15 dollars is minimum wage. H&ll if you ask me 20 is still minimum wage I couldn't live off neither just buying non processed groceries and antibotic free meats and 64 oz Naked juices I spend 200 a week. If you want to live in a good neighborhood and own a house you looking at minimum 3500 a month with utilities. With 15 dollars a hour in todays society you are still working class poor you will never own anything outside of a poverty poverty stricken neighborhood.

      • smitty

        If you want to make more than $15, you'll need to need more education and skills that demand that kind of money, these type of jobs are just stepping stones until you find a higher paying job.

      • truth

        Agreed! I have a BA and was making 15/hr in my field of styudy just because there weren't many jobs. I think that's ridiculous – i feel bad for them, but demanding more money for that kind of a job is a joke. They should be going to school and educating themselves in order to land a good job – not slack off their entire lives to later demand more money.

      • Larry

        With or without a increase thats going to happen anyway. We are spending reserve currency everyday. The only thing thats is saving this economy is the feds are printing 600 billion a month.Without that you will see the real america is broke and 700 trillion in debt because of all this printing. Don't blame poor people for this buddy.

  • Shane

    Wow, Chris. Bitter much? So you're angry the current McDs workers are trying to get better pay for themselves? Get over yourself. You're already paying for them via public aid, so why not make McDs pay them a living wage so you don't have to pay for them. You'd know this if you got your head out of your you know what!

    • Ismael

      Shane I agree these workers should make a little more than what They are making now. The $15.00 an hour They want is just out of the question. Prices will have to be raised quite a bit and less people will eat out and many workers will get laid off. They should have stayed in school like You and I did. I went to work at night and to college during the day. i got just three hours of sleep daily. This sacrifice paid big time, today i can afford to buy anything I want. Education is the key and They chose otherwise.

    • Dick Beninya

      Maybe you need to get your head out of you know what. What we pay for assistance will NEVER go down. It will only go up!
      The way I see it is at $15 am hour the current workers will be unemployed as unemployed college grads take those jobs..,. And get the order RIGHT. They have not thought this through

    • Chris

      For your information, my first job was working at McDonald's. I spent three years there and it taught me what I needed to know about customer service before I made the decision to better myself and invest in education and move up through my career field. Besides, as soon as they raise those wages the prices of all of the goods and services associated with them will just go up to make up the difference – then everyone will have to suffer for it.

    • Chris

      They aren't doing anything to deserve the pay increase! They are just making demands. Fire them all and give their jobs to people who want them.

  • keeping real

    well if you raise min-wage everything will raise as well!!!( a gal of milk will be at $7 and gasoline just forget about it!!!) so please do not raise min wage cause my professional job will no longer be professional???

  • smitty

    These people don't know anything about running a business, if they want to $15 an hour or more, they should learn the skills required to land such type jobs.

  • bozo

    Hey…..why not make it $50 per hour?

    This way those of us with high stress jobs, such as mine at the Board of Trade, can take a low stress job flipping burgers and avoid stress related illnesses that come with higher paying jobs.

  • esco

    There's no guarantee these fast food companies will stick around forever. If they decide to close shop and fire everyone, where will that leave the workers that kept making demands? I wouldn't want to hire someone that made their old company throw in the towel. The world can live without fast-food and these strikers better think twice if they intend to keep making this noise.