Illinois begins immigrant drivers license tests today

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Starting today undocumented immigrants can apply for a drivers license in Illinois.  Applicants will have to make an appointment to take a test and fill our paperwork.

Applicants also must prove they’ve lived in the state for at least one year.  It could take up to three weeks for the licenses to get processed.

Twenty five thousand undocumented immigrants living in Illinois are expected to apply for the program.  Illinois Secretary of State spokesperson says the appointments are first come first serve, if the two facilities have met their appointments for the day, you should try to make an appoinment the following business day.  Also they plan to begin taking applicants at thirty four more DMVs statewide by mid-December,  which will help move applications along.

To make an appointment visit the Illinois Secretary of State’s website.

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  • Harriette

    If they are undocumented…they are illegal! Why are we catering to them. We have enough hungry people in the US without adding more.

    • Diane

      They are undocumented until they are given a drivers license. Then they have some documents proving they live here. This is just an extension of former Mayor Daley's plan on motor/ voter registration. Legally , only US citizens can cast a ballot in federal elections. In 20 years I have yet to meet a non-citizens who was refused a ballot in a presidential election.

  • bozo

    I'm sure that the illegals will show the same respect for the "Rules of the Road" that they showed to our Federal Immigration Laws when they snuck into the USA.

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