Blind Indiana woman gives up eviction fight

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A blind woman in Cedar Lake, Indiana says she will spend one last holiday in the home she’s lived in since childhood, before giving up her eviction fight.

67-year-old Dolores Pittman has lived in the home for nearly six decades.

In February, she received notice that she was being forced out.

A series of apparent property transfer errors allowed the land under the home to be sold  for $43, and she wasn’t able to get it back.

Pittman says she plans to by Dec. 5.

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  • jim

    I for one will never go to cedar lake again.To take a blind women home so they can tear it down and build a big money home is unspeakable.Some one had plans to do this and no one is speaking up for her.So come on people stand up for her.Maybe if people do not go there they will quit fucking over older folks.But it will not happen because people are scare of the rich who want her land.I remmeber going ther when i was a kid it was nice but now all big homes there and the town don't care about the people that live there all their lives as long as they can get more taxes.I for one think the feds should check into this because some one in that town hall made money on this deal

  • infinty sloan

    It's not just that part of Indiana, Chicago has been doing this for years: Kick out all the "poor" people, tear down their homes, and build "mixed income" housing… which later on down the road magically turns into housing for nearby college students, then morphs into luxury condos for Illinois "elite". Did I mention the McMansions? Probably don't need to.

  • Rochelle

    this is just the Christmas Scrooge at its best. Someone needs to step in to help this lady save her home as this is the only place she knows…and for God she is blind. Please someone help her. If I had the power and money I WOULD!!!!!

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