Judge: Same-sex couple will marry early

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A gay couple in Illinois has an extra special reason to be grateful this Thanksgiving holiday.

“In sickness and in health has real meaning for us,” says Vernita Gray, who has battling terminal breast cancer. Gray and her soon-to-be spouse, Pat Ewert, plan to marry this week and become Illinois’ first married same-sex couple.

“Young people will look back in the way we look back at certain things, like women not being able to vote, and say, ‘Really? Was that our country?'” Gray said.

With extraordinary grace and courage, Gray and her loving partner face the immediate future, with weeks or perhaps only days to say goodbye.  But the 64-year-old Gray has one final wish: to marry her partner, among other things, and to make sure she’ll be OK once she’s gone.

“I worked my whole life. I have a pension, I have social security. These are the things we work for in life to help our families, not just to disappear because I’m going to leave this earth,” Gray said.

At a joyous ceremony last week, Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill into law that made Illinois the sixteenth state in the union to legalize same-sex marriage. The law will go into effect in June.

With the old laws still on the books, Gray and Ewert filed a lawsuit in federal court.

“It is discriminatory in an illegal way, based on someones sexual orientation.  and this case illustates constitutional violation is ongoing.  it affects people very day,” said lawyer Chris Clark with Lambda Legal.

Lambda Legal, and other attorneys, prevailed in court. The judge ordered the Cook County Clerk to immediately issue the historic first license — an order Clerk David Orr was happy to comply with.

“The judge was so brave to do what he did.  I’m amazed with the help of Lamda Legal, Kirk and Ellis. It’s more than I thought was out there,” Ewert said.

The judge’s decision has possibly opened a legal door for other sex-couples in similar predicaments.



  • Larry

    Why couldn’t they issue conceal carry licenses a month after passing the law.illnois pollitians are undercover closet freaks u have to be to pass a law like this.

    • Sad world

      How dare they allow two people who love each other to get married! Larry, do you realize how ridiculous your comment sounds? Methinks thou dost protest too much…

  • Logical

    *Spoiler Alert* The book you reference is fiction haha I am going to start demanding we are sorted into houses because the holy book of Harry Potter tells us to!

  • NO Jesus People

    I am so glad to see that the influence of christian beliefs on our laws will inevitably be lifted from our law books. Next is to start taxing the crap out of these money stealing, tax avoiding churches taking up too much land here. Get rid of 'em all. It's so dumb to see people basing their lives on something that they can't prove. To say you know the truth about afterlife (or that there is such thing) just means your an idiot or crazy. Have a good day and enjoy our new liberal laws you freaks. : )

  • Martin

    I agree with you Law n order! The more America turns away from God the more we face his wrath! Anyone who labels the Bible as fiction does not know what fiction is and probably has never opened a bible to begin with! The Bible is the oldest most accurately recorded HISTORY book, EVER. Get a clue! God is undeniable, the ones who deny him have their heads in the clouds. The Government has absolutely no right to rewrite or decide for themselves what marriage is. Civil unions should be enough. I'm sorry miss Gray is battling cancer, but regardless of the circumstances the definition of marriage has long existed before anyone on this Earth was born. What gives anyone the right to redefine marriage.

  • Shane

    Reading some of these comments by the so-called "christians" makes me cheer for the meteor! You people are such jokes! Go away, already, and leave the rest of us decent folks alone!

  • pcjm

    Julian, thank you for the reporting. PLEASE strive for accuracy! LESBIANS are NOT gay. "They" are NOT a "gay" couple. LESBIAN=Female. Gay=male! Thanks for getting the knowledge out there!

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