Midday Fix: The ABC’s of preschool

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Christine Whitley

Christine’s Tips:

Get to know your neighborhood school: the public school landscape is changing quickly. Start by taking a tour of your neighborhood school before you make assumptions about it. Rankings and published test scores do not tell the whole story of any specific learning environment.

You’re not guaranteed a spot at your neighborhood school for preschool — only K – 8 — so if you’re
considering preschool, there are several options to consider both public and private.

For the most part, there’s no connection between where your child goes for preschool and elementary (there are a few exceptions but generally, you are back to square one for Kindergarten if your child goes to a public preschool)

It’s Complicated! There are a lot of Preschool and K – 8 options but it’s a convoluted process

Options for Knowledge: if you want to consider a public school other than your neighborhood school, this is where Options for Knowledge comes into play. Basically, you have a neighborhood school that must accommodate every child of age living in the attendance boundary. However, you are also allowed to apply to many other schools in Chicago including Open Enrollment, Magnet Cluster, Magnet, and Selective Enrollment Elementary schools. For most schools, Kindergarten is the entry year.  Magnet Schools are lottery. Selective Enrollment requires testing.

The event is:

Tuesday, December 3rd

7:00pm – 9:00pm

For more information, go to christinewhitley.com

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