Bolingbrook man arrested for calling 911 for locked car

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Bolingbrook police officers arrested a man for making 911 calls about his locked car.

Richard Rodriguez is charged with felony-level making a false 911 call.

Police say Rodriguez called Tuesday to ask for help unlocking his car in his garage.

No one came, so Rodriguez allegedly called again.

Police say dispatchers told him not to abuse the system and sent officers to his home for a well being check.

While officers were on the way, a third call to 911 was made.

Officers arrived and arrested Rodriguez at his home.

Police say he was drunk and late for his probation hearing in DuPage County.

Rodriguez is now in the Will County Jail.

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  • Mike

    The Police and the man are both stupid in this case because they had to tell the man they would unlock the car. They should have just told him to call a locksmith. Also you can't just arrest a man for being drunk in his own house.

  • mbarney

    The Bolingbrook police has better thing to do, than to come out to this man property, just to unlock his car in his garage, and the man went to jail for being late to his probation hearing there. He outta think twice about calling the police for something like that, next time the police would catch this man drunk is in front of a liquir store in the Bolingbrook area. The town of Bolingbrook has been in enough news already, starting from the Drew Peterson story.

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