TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau found guilty

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

50-year-old Kevin Trudeau officially traded in his pristine navy suit for an orange jumpsuit Tuesday when a federal jury convicted him of criminal contempt. At issue were his bestselling books and how they translated to Trudeau’s late night infomercials.

The lawyer for the author and TV pitchman called them “advertising” plain and simple. Prosecutors called them a pack of lies misleading the public and that he was motivated by greed.  For that, the defendant could be looking at anything from probation to life in prison.

Today, after a weeklong trial,  the verdict was read and Judge Ronald Guzman had the defendant taken into custody immediately saying he was a flight risk.

Trudeau’s supporters were with him in court.  They subscribe to his teachings, some greatly critical of the government, and they believe in Trudeau is a humble man and changing lives with his message.

Sometime after the new year, Judge Guzman will sentence Trudeau but no specific date has been set. For now, a flurry of post-trial motions likely will be filed as Trudeau sits in jail.  There is no bond for him. He has another federal case hanging over his head.  Another Cook County judge is  trying to sort out an unpaid debt of $38 million owed the Federal Trade Commission. The court is suggesting Trudeau is hiding the large sum in overseas accounts.

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  • Diane

    Question?? This snake-oil pitchman was found guilty of lying to the American public and conning people out of millions of dollars and …..yet………… how does that differ from what Barack Obama has done on a much larger scale?

    • Nick

      If you like your healthcare plan , you can keep it PERIOD!
      If you like your doctors, You can keep them. PERIOD !
      Your plan will save you 2500 dollar per year.

      Millions of insurance policies were canceled because Obama deemed them inferior. Well I find Sen Durbin inferior and if you don't like you senator. You DON't have to keep him. PERIOD.

  • Jim

    The government and their henchmen reporters are scared because Kevin is freeing the public from "corrupt and controlled US medicine" with his books and material that is causing government partner CORPORATIONS to lose money and control… come on guys.. this is so obvious! Kevin is the good guy

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