Your Money Matters: Donald Foss with tips for making freshman year last

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Donald J. Foss

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Your Complete Guide to College Success: How to Study Smart, Achieve Your Goals, and Enjoy Campus Life

Making Freshman year LA.S.T.

Loneliness and isolation
When students were asked to write about their greatest fears, this topic comes up more than half the time. Getting out of your comfort zone and taking interest in a campus group is a key antidote.

Alcohol abuse
It’s still the most prevalent drug on college campuses.

Most students do not know the most effective and efficient ways to study.  Lots of self-testing, or testing by a study buddy, and totally honest self-assessment are two keys to study success.

Time management
Plotting out time to actually do the assignments on a calendar not only helps students complete those assignments, it also creates “time urgency.”  That can help motivate you to get the work done.

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