Surveillance video captures woman stealing puppies from pet stores

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

missing puppies

It’s a canine caper caught on camera.

A woman walked into this pet store asking to peruse the pets, and then leaves after pilfering a puppy.

It all happened at this Petland on Illinois 59 in Naperville.

Casper, a two pound, nine week old Havanese, is worth about $2,000– but store owner Adam Stachowiak says he is more worried about the puppy than his profits.

But before the Naperville dog theft, the owner of the Petland store in Bolingbrook believes the same woman, came into his store and stole a 14 week old Maltese, named Hercules. That puppy is worth about $1,300

Both of the dogs look alike, and the store owners say the woman looks too much alike for it to be a coincidence.

Casper and Hercules both have microchips implanted. So there is a good chance of finding them.

They are so cute; it’s hard not to feel attached to one these puppies. Stachowiak says losing Casper has been emotional for everyone on his staff.

Both puppies are protected with, a national microchip registry and alert service for lost and stolen pets.  Anyone with information should contact police or helpmefindMYPET at: 866-699-3463.

Police are investigating to determine if these thefts are related.

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