Man sues ex-wife for having ugly children

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A man in China sued his ex-wife for having ugly children.

Initially, he accused his wife of infidelity because he was sure he would never father such an unattractive child.

“Our daughter was so incredibly ugly to the point where it horrified me,” He said.

But DNA tests proved that the baby was his.

Then, the ex-wife came clean about something. Before they met, she had $100,000 worth of plastic surgery.

He sued her on the grounds of false pretenses, and he won.

A judge awarded him $120,000.

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  • venicementor

    One of the funniest things I have seen in a long time, especially when a sperm donor can be sued for child support after the two same sex mother/fathers, divorce HERE IN AMERICA. LOL

  • esco

    Seems to me the dad's an A-hole and so's the judge in this case. Hopefully his son tracks him down when he's grown and gives his old man a black eye.

  • mommatocharlie

    Amazing how much they look like their dad, isn't it?

    Remember this adjudication the next time you see word of a frivolous lawsuit in the US.

  • factchecker

    I posted a comment last night about how this story might be a hoax, and it's interesting that it has disappeared (or been deleted?). Doesn't anyone care about the truth anymore, or is anything that's found on the Internet automatically considered to be true? Please check the article on Snopes about this story. Here are the pertinent facts (per Snopes): Per the article, he divorced his wife after the first child, a daughter, was born; there are three children in this picture with the son very obviously being the oldest. Secondly, this photo appears to be from a Taiwanese ad for plastic surgery. Thirdly, the original news came out in 2004, and it is still being reported almost a decade later as if it's a new story. And, finally, the original Chinese news source had to apologize for another story that was completely made up about a man who made arrangements to meet a woman he met online only to find out that she was his own daughter-in-law… It would be nice if someone would actually make the effort to check the veracity of these stories before publishing them as news.

  • Hilary

    That is NOT the picture of the couple. Look it up! That was an AD that people have been using for this story. The husband was no where near as handsome!!!!

  • Izzy

    You would think the father had no part in the creation of his “ugly” kids.
    At least there’s hope for the kids. As for jerk Dad, he’ll probably always be one.

  • pete

    well I think the father should be ordered to give up 100K of his winnings to the daughter for plastic surgeries so she may pass along the same to another guy 20 years from now LMAO

  • Mark Greensburg

    Really? He does know that reproduction comes from both parents. So as far as looks, they actually look like him. But what’s more shocking is the judge agreed with him. I see why his children must have come out ugly. It came from him. How dumb do you have to be?

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