K-9 officer, service dog killed in crash on I-55 near Pontiac

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A veteran police officer from Pontiac and his service dog were killed in a crash on I-55 Wednesday night.

29-year-old Casey Kohlmeier had been with the department for six years.

CaseyKohlmeierHe and his K-9 partner, Draco, worked together for five years.

Kohlmeier was on-duty Wednesday night and parked in the median of I-55 near Pontiac.

Police say another driver struck his vehicle killing the officer and his service dog.

The driver of the second car is hospitalized today.

Flags at the police department in Pontiac have been lowered to half-staff.

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  • arubatom

    Yes, this is not a service dog as Me2 pointed out. A tragedy for the PD, and the officer's family and friends as well. I would like to see further details, as if the car was parked in the median, what was the other driver doing there in the first place? If the rain was so intense, you would think a person would pull off to the far right of the highway on the shoulder. PS: Bubba, they can only report early information first…chill out!!

  • Angela

    Condolences to the officer's family. After five years together, they were family to each other. I'd like to pass along my thank you for their devotion to public service!

    • WhiteGorilla

      Is your comment sarcasm? Animals love to work. My father rode mounted patrol for 25 years before he retired. I've trained dogs for over a decade. You can see the depression in them when they don't get the interaction they are used to. Even my geckos, who are cage free, interact with my dog and cats. I'm sure that K-9 loved what he did. Get the bad guy.

      If you are serious, then you need to take a reality check. When your kid goes missing or you get robbed, then you might want a handler and work dog, like Draco, helping you out.