Blind woman faces eviction after tax sale

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A blind woman in northwest Indiana is facing eviction from her home.  She says she was never notified that someone bought the property in a tax sale.

Dolores Pittman, 67, has been blind for nearly 30 years.  Now she could be kicked out of the home that she has lived in almost all her life, and where knows every nook and cranny.

Pittman is caught in the middle after the property her house is on was sold.

Pittman thought the land was owned by the town of Cedar Lake.  She paid $10 a month to them, but Lake County thought a church group owned it.

In the middle of all this confusion the property was sold and the new owner is charging Pittman $300 a month — something she cannot afford.

“My Social Security and my pension is $1,068.23 a month,” she told WGN.  “With all my bills I don’t have anything left.”

She says sometimes she only has about $6 a month left, and she is on the verge of being evicted.  She thinks she may have only about 30 days.

Her attorney just sent her a letter and they are still going through the court system, but it is not looking good for her.  She is hoping that somebody can pull through for her and she can stay in her home.

UPDATE: A fund has been established to help Ms. Pittman. If you’re interested in donation, make checks payable to:

The Dolores Pittman Benefit Fund

Checks can be send to:

Demotte State Bank

PO Box 683

Cedar Lake, IN 46303

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  • chris

    I hope the scumbag who owns the property now rots and burns. Lake county assessors can do that too. B.t.w. His number is published

  • Guest

    what on earth are her bills? $1,068.23 a month and she only pays $10 for rent? Cedar lake took her money and did what with it… they didn't know who owned it. This is crazy. the poor woman needs to stay. and whoever sold the land and owned it needs to pay for her. who paid the taxes for 30 years?

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