Woman, 64, attacked by pit bulls in stable condition

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A 64-year-old woman who was attacked by three pit bulls last week on the South Side is now in stable condition.

Marilyn Grimes was walking her dog when three other dogs attacked hers.

When she tried to stop the attack, she was severely injured and her dog was killed.

Grimes was initially taken to the hospital in critical condition, but she has since improved.

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1 Comment

  • practicalone2

    Pit bulls are misunderstood: by their owners!

    Some pit bully people think that pits are normal dogs and won't attack unless abused or trained to attack. That is nonsense! No one says that good beagles won't bark, sniff the ground or chase rabbits unless abused. Instinct matters. Breed heritage matters. That's why breeds were created, after all.

    This attack was the work of "good" pit bulls, doing precisely what pits were created to do, are still bred to do, and what is essential for pits to be THE dog fighter's choice:

    Leave home (many normal, non-bully dogs are less aggressive outside their yard)
    attack for no reason
    attack without first trying to avoid a confrontation
    immediately do damage
    not stop even if their victim is down, submits (most non-bully dog attacks end when one submits, often without severe injury)
    not stop

    Stable condition? Is she going to lose a leg? Stable doesn't mean she won't have horrendous results from the attack.

    Dog fighting is now illegal. Since it's illegal for me to approach a pedestrian and her law-abiding little dog, stab holes into their bodies, slice off chunks of tissue, crush ribs and shake the life out of the little dog, it's time to make the BREEDING OF MORE fighting dogs. any dog aggressive dog, illegal too.

    Dog fighters hate this plan, as they know it would take many decades to create a "game" fighting dog from non-bully dogs.

    Doubt that pits are still bred to KILL DOGS? Check out youtube's many videos of pit men proudly showing off their dog yards, full of chained champions, dogs who are the best at killing dogs and winning dog fights.