TV pitchman Trudeau taken into custody

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau was back in court Tuesday morning, and just as fast, a federal judge ordered him back to jail.

Trudeau has repeatedly failed to pay a penny toward a $37 million in fines for making false advertising claims in a weight-loss book.

Trudeau did not speak to the media as he entered the Dirksen Federal Building Tuesday.

He addressed Judge Robert Gettleman at length about the financial mess that was once his multi-million dollar empire that was fueled by a best-selling weight loss book.

Claims in that book are what prompted the $37 million fine.

In court Trudeau said, “I can’t turn over assets that don’t exist.”  But he also claims he doesn’t know the location of all of his assets.

The FTC and the receiver in the case say that claim is false, that Trudeau is hiding assets around the world and that he controls a fortune that includes gold bars, coins and luxury items.

The judge agreed and ordered Trudeau jailed until the fine is paid.  Judge Gettleman even suggested that Trudeau read his own self-help book about memory.

A former employee of the TV pitchman says Trudeau likely has money, somewhere, but probably not much.  “I believe that he’ll always keep something for himself when he gets out of jail.  I do believe that.  Does he have $37 million?  I believe that he was always one step from broke because he spent money as fast as it came in,” said Peter Wink.

Trudeau will be jailed until at least Thursday when he’s due back in court.  Until then, he’ll be behind bars at the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

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  • beenfooledonce

    It's ironic that Trudeau can't remember where his assets are when he promoted and sold millions of copies of Mega Memory to many. He has been ripping off people for years glad to see he is in jail.

  • kim

    Now how do we get all the stupid people in that gave this schmuck money ordered to jail/ Or at least convince them not to procreate