Man accused of fatally stabbing sister’s dog

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A Chicago man was ordered held in lieu of $150,000 bail Sunday after he allegedly stabbed his sister’s dog to death.

Andres F. Duran, 29, of the 4300 block of North Mobile Avenue in Prospect Park, faces felony charges of animal torture and aggravated cruelty to animals in the incident, which took place Thursday, according to court records.

Duran stabbed “Diesel,” his sister’s German shepherd, in his residence, according to court records.
After killing the dog, Duran put it in a blanket and then in a suitcase, Assistant State’s Attorney Anthony Lucafo said Sunday in Cook County Bond Court.


Andres F. Duran

He moved the suitcase into the yard of the residence, Lucafo said.

“I lost control and started stabbing Diesel in the front bedroom,” Duran told police, according to court records. “I stabbed Diesel in the side and he was not dying fast enough so I stabbed him in the neck. Diesel bit me on the right arm.”

As Diesel lay dead, Duran told police, he attempted to clean up the blood, then heard his brother-in-law coming into the back of the house, so he locked the door.

“I was waiting for him to get in with my knife in my hand,” Duran told police. “I felt as if it would be an epic battle. Like fighting Satan.”

-Chicago Tribune Reporting

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1 Comment

  • arubatom

    Too bad the dog didn't hit this dirt bag in an artery when he bit him. nothing worse than a low-life that hurts an innocent animal….throw the book at this moron. Condolences to the sister, as being a long-time dog-owner myself, they are part of the family.

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