Proposed cigarette tax hike in Chicago

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Mayor Emanuel wants to raise Chicago’s cigarette tax by 75 cents a pack, according to City Hall sources cited by the Sun-Times.

That would leave Chicago smokers with combined state and local taxes of $7.42 a pack — the highest in the nation by far.

Emanuel would reportedly use the new tax revenue to fund an eye care program for Chicago Public Schools students.

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  • JIM

    All these tax hikes on everything is stupid because most people are leaveing the city to make purchases. this quals less revenue so why in hel# do you keep raiseing taxes. Also most people are moveing out of chicago because of these high taxes. Chicago has the highest taxes in america but where is all the money going I will tell you. Politicians are pocketing money and giving their friends billion dollar contracts. just look at daley.

  • Justin

    I for one do not shop in the city. I will go to the suburbs or out to Indiana to get Cigarettes. It is ridiculous to pay such a price just to say we live in Chicago.

  • Ismael

    I am not a smoker but if I was I would look into taking a trip to Indiana from time to time. All You have to do is figure out the cost of gas, tolls and your time then figure out the prices of cigarettes. Choose the best option. While in Indiana if You are lotto player then play the numbers there too, this way the state and the city get even less of your money. Every five weeks I take a trip there.

  • Odd One

    Rahm Emanuel takes advantage of the citizens of Chicago everyday of the week.
    Now he wants to raise taxes on something else. Just another pot of money to rob when he gets ready. Vote this man out of office at the next election, or this city is doomed for desertion.
    Rahm Emanuel is nothing more than a political taxing pimp. We deserve better than this man.

    If we the citizens of Chicago vote this man back into office for another term, we would be the most dumb @ss people on the face of the earth. Get rid of this man, he is evil, and even-though he's wealthy, he does not understand how to trim a budget instead of constantly raising taxes. We the citizens of Chicago have to trim our budgets when we do not have enough funds. These political tax pimps simply sends us out to work harder to bring them more money. Now who's the fool, Mr. Emanuel the pimp, or we the citizens of Chicago the pimped?

    We should run this man out of Chicago on the next thing smoking. Every citizen of the city should have a 357 magnum in their hands, and shoot him and every alderman square in the @ss as their being run out of town. He's a tax pimp, the aldermen are street tax pimps, and the citizens of Chicago seem to like being pimped.

    The citizens of Chicago are being shot in the @ss everyday of the week, and all this man can think about is raising taxes to have access to more of our money. If we re-elect him and the rest of the aldermen, who's the fool? The tax pimps, or the Chicago citizens that are being pimped? What say you!!!

  • Ronald Pasko

    Rham is all about taxes and fleecing the citizens of Chicago. If it isn't Cameras it's raising taxes on cigarettes, Rham may not smoke but I will bet he drinks. The only reason he will not raise taxes on liquor is because he is in bed with the Wurtz and Jackson families. Rham and Quinn must sleep in the same bed, if these to idiots are voted in again it's time to leave this State and the City of Chicago. I never voted Republican in my life but I will vote Republican in the next election.

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