2 Riverside-Brookfield students face felony charges after senior prank

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Two near west suburban high school students face felony charges, after participating in a homecoming prank that caused thousands of dollars in property damage.

Riverside-Brookfield High School students Fard Johnson and Raul Garcia were caught on video damaging school property.

Earlier this month, students spray painted obscenities on the building, left furniture and trash on the lawn, and hung up offensive pictures of staff members.
some live chickens were also left there.

Johnson and Garcia were among a group of more than 100 students who took part in the prank. The school also suspended 14 students.

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  • Marty

    Are the parentsof these great children going to pay for the damage, cost of staff to clean and any other costs? Its time for the parents, NOT THE TAXPAYERS, to pay up. Maybe the parents will start and watch their "GOOD KIDS".

  • Jim P.

    Spray painting obscenities, leaving furniture and trash doesn't sound like your typical innocent "homecoming prank". Sounds like vandalism done under the guise of "homecoming prank".

  • clarence_klip

    There are gang bangers killing innocent kids out there and these penny ante punks are being charged with felonies!
    Knowing the screwed up justice system in this state, they'll probably do more time than a gang banger who popped some little kid!

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