Red light cameras to be removed from 18 Chicago intersections

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Mayor Emanuel is removing red light cameras from 18 intersections.

The city says it will remove cameras from those intersections because they had a total crash rate of less than one percent.

“For the first time ever the city’s looked at it, given the new information, and made the decision to remove them,” Mayor Emanuel told reporters today.  “I am clear, though, as it relates to the speed cameras, we’re going to roll those out in our parks and in our schools to protect our children in the same way, to work as a deterrent for people that are speeding.”

The cameras won’t be removed until January of next year. The 18 intersections where red-light cameras will be removed are:

  • Osceola and Touhy Avenues
  • Kedzie and Devon Avenues
  • Harlem and Higgins Avenues
  • Sheridan Road and Hollywood Avenue
  • Austin and Belmont Avenues
  • Cicero and Belmont Avenues
  • Halsted and Belmont Avenues
  • California and North Avenues
  • Wells and North Avenues
  • Kostner Avenue and Division Street
  • Clark Street and Cermak Road
  • California Avenue and 35th Street
  • California Avenue and 47th Street
  • Pulaski Road and 71st Street
  • Wentworth Avenue and 65th Street
  • Racine Avenue and 79th Street
  • 79th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue
  • Stony Island Avenue and 89th Street

The city will also start issuing tickets of up to $100 for people caught by automated speed cameras in other locations after the 30-day warning period ended last week.

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  • fmazz23

    About time!
    We needs POLICE OFFICERS patrolling the streets, not cameras!
    Muggings and gang violence have gone up since those cameras were put up!
    I don't want to put down anyone's job, but all that a mugger, terrorist or a gang banger has to do is conduct his/her "business" out of view of the camera while the cop takes a nap in the squad car in the Jewel parking lot or chows down at Dunkin Donuts.
    Cameras are for stores, eateries, office buildings and banks (private property)-not public streets!
    But, then again, Dear Leader Rham is more concerned about quick revenue than protecting the lives of his lambs of bounty (whom he forgets where said revenue comes from).

    • bgellar48

      Sounds like where I used to work: They got rid of the security guards and put up a couple of cameras instead. Employees just spark up a doobie, take a few "sips", or have their nooner with their "spouses" where there are no cameras…Need I mention the missing tools and laptops?

  • Ismael

    These cameras were not making enough cash for the city so They will be moved to other locations.The mayor as usual gave another reason. What's wrong with telling the truth? His nose is getting bigger.