Woman suing over strip search during DUI arrest

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A woman is suing the LaSalle County Sheriff’s Department after she was strip searched during her DUI arrest.

Dana Holmes was being booked in May, when several deputies wrestled her to the floor and put her in a cell.

That’s where three male deputies and a female deputy removed all of her clothes.

She stayed naked for two minutes until she was given a few blankets.

The officers’ report says she resisted during the frisking.

Under Illinois law, officers must suspect that a person is hiding a weapon or drugs before they conduct a strip search.

No suspicion of that kind was listed in the officers’ report.

LaSalle County Sheriff Thomas Templeton tells the Chicago Tribune that he didn’t see the video or hear about the incident.

Holmes pleaded guilty to DUI in July and received probation.

“There’s a lot of people that get DUIs, a lot of people that just make mistakes in life,” said Holmes.  “That still doesn’t give them a reason to do what they did.”


    • rahrah1

      Yeah, trying to cash in on her own misdeeds. She doesn't deserve anything. Maybe the local residents should her for putting them in danger with her drunk driving?

      • JRH

        Are you two really this stupid or am I missing your sarcasm? A young female is FORCEFULLY stripped naked by 3 male guards / officers and you don't think there is anything wrong with that? What if this was your sister / mother / daughter / wife / aunt?

    • mike

      I just seen the vido. What a disgrace. I am a man and that made me very unconfrable. If that was my wife i would find out each cops name and hunt them down like animals or criminals.

  • JRH

    Um "Jac"….you should A.) probably read the story as she's already plead guilty to the DUI charge and admitted she was wrong driving under the influence and B.) watch the video tapes. Its against ALL department policies (corrections department and law enforcement) for male guards / officers to strip search or pat down a female inmate / detainee. You can CLEARLY see that 3 male officers assist in pulling of her pants, shirt, bra, and underwear. A GROSS violation of her civil rights and a gross violation of department policy. If they didn't have a badge on…it would be considered sexual assault!

    • blackcat56260

      JRH The Women Was Drunk And Resisting Officers What Were They Suppose To Do Let Her Smuggle Stuff In To Jail Which Is A Class C Felony And Injure Herself Or Do What The law And Jail Procedure Is Which Is Every One Is Strip Searched During The Booking Process And Also Their Clothes Are Searched For Possible Weapons Or Drugs!

      • JRH

        1.) She was drunk, your right…..but at what point do you see resistance? Ever the arresting officer (who wasn't one of these clowns on the tape) said she was very compliant and did not resist.
        2.) Smuggling…its Lasalle county…not crook county (thats cook in case you didn't know)…who is she going to smuggle stuff to…billy bob or cletus? And there is no mention of smuggling…just 4 so called officers ripping off her clothes and leaving her naked on a floor.
        3.) During a REAL strip search….inmates remove their OWN clothing and are given new clothing to put on after "said" strip search. Drunk or not.

  • MrCrabs

    Being drunk and combative is not sufficient cause for this. If this is considered acceptable behavior by law enforcement officers, then we may as well re-establish the town pillory and have folks toss rotten vegetables at the person. The only purpose for this was to shame and humiliate the woman. They figure they should impose a penalty of their choosing because the court won't.

    • blackcat56260

      What Is Sufficent Evidence If Resisting Officers And Assualt Isn't Probable Cause. This Women Was Clearly Drunk And resisting Being Booked And Finger Printed. Strip Searches Are Standard Procedeure If You Are Ever Arrested . Ussually One Person Or Jailer Does This But When Your Causing Fights And Wrestling With Jailers Everybody gets involved. This Women Was Lucky She Wasn't Charged With Assualt And Ressiting A Jailer Or Officer. Both Are Felony Charges!!!!!!!

  • blackcat56260

    This Women Clearly Was Resisting Being Booked As She Was Clearly Drunk. The Officers Were Jailers And yes There Was Three Men But There Were Also Women Officers Who Were Wrestling With Her Also. Next Every Person Arrested Is Strip Search The Only Difference Is It Some Thing Usally Done By On Person. But When People Are resisting And Might Be Hiding Some Thing To Injure Her Or Others Its Every Person Get Involved Time!!!!!!!!!!! This Women Clearly Has No Case Because She Should Have Been Charged With Assault And resisting Officers!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • officer

      where was she resisting? she was drunk and you can clearly see she was losing her balance. and it is against the law to have male officers strip search a female. she did not look combative to me.

    • JRH

      Clearly? Clearly? Her foot moves and they tackle her….clearly? You should look up the definition of "clearly" as I don't think it fits in the sentence you are using it in.

  • Ismael

    Black cat She was resisting because three men were putting their hands all over her. I am sure if three women were strip searching her it would have been no problem. All three of them searched her chest area, why? I am sure they had a nice time. Have You been searched before boarding a plane? Their hands go where no hand have gone before.

  • Dawn

    This is disgusting! These "officers" should be fired, and arrested for sexual battery. They broke the LAW that they supposedly are trying to enforce. I don't understand why more people are not upset by this. These people are trained to protect the community, not molest women. How many other times has this happened and why did the chief not know. What if this was your mother, daughter, or sister? I think this police department needs more cameras installed to see what else is going on. Maybe they are raping women they arrest, maybe men too! Disguising! They should all be fired!

  • katya

    No…this is LaSalle County Land of the poor Chester Weger, no one has ever served more time for the same crime or how about the little Laxative issue at the County old folks home or how about the daughter of the Chester Weger problem, she's a judge w/3 DUI incidents and still sits on the bench.
    and Tom Templeton, LaSalle County Sheriff knows NOTHING about this incident, that wont help ya Tom, YOU are supposed to know what your employees are doing. You should have fired them, by now!
    That would have been acceptable behavior for you but you are going to lose on this deal also.

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