An FAQ on Affordable Care Act

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The Affordable Care Act has induced fiery debate from both sides of the aisle since its inception but what most people can agree on, there is a lot of confusion surrounding it.

To help separate fact from fiction, WGN’s Amy Rutledge quizzed Chicagoans on their knowledge of the upcoming program.

True or False: Obamacare puts government in charge of healthcare.

The answer is false.   According to the White House, the new law strengthens existing employer based health insurance and implements consumer protections.   Families and individuals without access to affordable coverage can receive tax credits to help purchase private coverage.

True or False:  Lifetime dollar limits on coverage will get smaller under Obamacare.

The answer is false.  Under the new law, insurers can no longer impose lifetime dollar limits on care.  Annual limits are being phased out by next year.

True or False: Insurers are required to cover preventative services.

That is true. Under Obamacare, cancer, diabetes and blood pressure screenings will be covered without copays or deductibles.

True or False: Insurance companies can deny adult coverage due to pre-existing conditions

That is false.  Starting in 2014 no American can be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition.

True or False: Not buying insurance is cheaper than buying insurance.

It is true and false.   In 2014, the fine may be cheaper.  Those without insurance face a $95 dollar fine but in 2015 it jumps to $325 dollars and in 2016 it will be $695 dollars.

True or False: Under the Affordable Care Act,  everyone is required to have insurance

The answer is false.  If the total cost of insurance, including subsidies, comes to more than 8% of income, a person is exempt. Exemptions can also be made for religious reasons.

With all the confusion, experts suggest  to do your homework before signing up for anything.

Enrollment closes on March 31st.

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