Chicago honors student arrested with gun at school

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Chicago high school honors student was arrested after bringing a gun to school.

He claims it was “to protect himself” from gang members.

Darnell Hamilton, 17, appeared in bond court Wednesday, charged as an adult with unlawful use of a weapon and possession of a firearm in school, both felonies.

Police arrested Hamilton Tuesday, after he brought a 9 mm handgun to Urban Prep Charter Academy on city’s West Side.

Hamilton told police he brought it to school to protect himself  because gang members had threatened to kill him several times over the last two years.

Hamilton’s mother says her son is not a gang member.

She says he has a 4.0 GPA and has been promised a scholarship to Ohio State University.

Urban Prep school spokesman Edward Briscoe said school officials were still deciding what action to take against Hamilton.

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  • keeping real

    two wrongs don't make it right!!! and he smarter than to bring a hand gun to school!! where did he get a gun if he is not a gang member??? he is a gang member !!

  • Banks

    How the F**K do you know if he's a gang member ? These kids are faced with adult situations on a daily basis… They have to fight daily to keep the shirt on their backs from these deviant, crazed crack head ass kids on the streets of Chicago, who are terrorizing the neighborhoods. If this kid is an HONOR student, he has a future ahead of him and he is just trying to protect it… Can't blame him… Some of these punk ass kids need a bullet in their asses.. They need to know how it feels to be riddled with bullets, maybe they'll take their asses to school and learn something, besides smoke weed all day and drink senselessly and then want to go out and take innocence lives because their f***king bored… Now, comment on that "keeping real !"

  • TMot

    Thanks! Banks you saved me some key strokes…Hopefully someone makes the right decision for this young man as far as the repercussions for his actions…

  • Banks

    You're welcome TMot… If I were a lawyer, I would defend this young man at no cost to the family, and do my best to not let his actions become his downfall in life. If he ends up with a felony conviction for not even shooting or killing anyone with that gun, his future will become bleak and HE will become one of the hoodlums on the streets trying to survive. Because with a felony on his record, companies WILL NOT HIRE him, whatsoever… Does he need reprimand..? Perhaps so, but not the harsh penalities that he could potentially be facing… With our crazy laws and not so bright judges, he"ll end up doing more time than some of these punk ass kids who do the most harm…Totally Unfair… Just don't want to see him railroaded by the so called "SYSTEM"


    People are so quick to ASSume things I never heard of a “gang member” with a 4.0 GPA he is just in a bad spot I hope they just give him swap or something so he can go on to further his education and hell how hrad is it not to get a gun in Chicago really

  • TMot

    A lot of passion in your words… Keep that & pass it on to as many as you can…Don't have ANY FAITH in the SYSTEM either… But I do still have faith that there are plenty of young black men out there that want guidance… Remember when Men stand-up Boy's sit down!!!

  • Jeff

    So, anyone who is "supposedly" a honour student can bring a gun to school and that is ok? Really? Even if he does have a GPA of 4.0, he broke the law. And how does a 17 y/o get a gun?

  • TMot

    No problem…Feel free to use that phrase whenever warranted…Just borrowing it from the village that help raise me… Unfortunately the SYSTEM has systematically burned that village down…It's up to people like us to try and restore the order…Keep posting TRUTH to offset the IGNORANCE!!!

  • angry

    Usually I would have something slick to say but today I have a different opinion. So many times we see smart children with bright futures get bullied and harassed by uninspired worthless thugs who pretty much have nothing to live for and I see this is another case of that. Those cowards probably kept threatening him until he felt scared for his own life. Now I’m not saying he was right for bringing a gun at all BUT can you blame him though? If I were his family I would transfer and finish school elsewhere because these thugs have nothing to live for at all and life means nothing to them.

  • Banks

    I will, TMot… Not every kid with a gun is a gangbanger or thug, sometimes they are trying to protect themselves from the elements around them… These kids are chased and bullied daily and eventually forced into this so-called gang/mobster lifestyle,even when they don't want to be involved.
    At Angry, you are right about him bringing a gun to school, he was wrong for doing that… Let's pray the judicial system gives him a fair reprimand, without tarnishing his record and he can learn from this.. Hopefully the parents can help in this situation and perhaps move to another neighborhood and he can ultimately complete his goals in life…

  • Leanne

    Chicago honors student arrested with gun at school

    I read this headline and my first reaction was 'why would the city honor a student for bringing a gun to school?' My husband, not knowing the story, said that "maybe he is a 5th grader shooting at an 8th grade level".