No bond for men charged in murder of mom, daughter

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A judge has ordered two men accused of killing a mother and daughter and dumping their bodies in a forest preserve to be held without bail.

Robert Danno, 50, the husband of one of the vicims, and Jose Fernardo Martinez-Hernandez, 24, are each charged with two counts of first-degree murder.  They appeared in court in Bridgeview this morning for a bond hearing.

The bodies of Mary Ann Urban-Danno, 51, and her elderly, sick mother, Theresa Urban, 71, were found late Saturday night in the trunk of a burning car at a nature preserve near Ford and Wolf Roads in unincorporated Palos Park.

Investigators say Mary Ann and Robert Danno have been having problems for quite some time.

Police say on Saturday morning, Mary Ann Urban-Danno came downstairs, where her husband and his friend, Jose Fernardo Martinez-Hernandez, were.  Martinez-Hernandez is a homeless man who had been living with the couple for about six months.

Mary Ann and her husband Robert started arguing.  That led to Danno and Martinez-Hernandez at some point taking Mary Ann down to the ground.  Prosecutors say Danno then killed his wife.

“Robert Danno then got on top of Mary Ann Danno and placed his hands around her neck and strangled her to death,” said Cook County Asst. State’s Attorney Michael Deno.  “Robert Danno then went upstairs and placed his hands around the neck of Theresa Urban and strangled her to death.”

“According to him there was no planning or premeditation,” said Cook County Sheriff’s Detective Eric Burnson.

Prosecutors then say Danno and Martinez-Hernandez waited until nightfall, carried the bodies out to Mary Ann’s PT Cruiser, placed them in the back, and drove to the nature preserve, where Robert Danno poured gasoline on the car and set it on fire.  Hernandez-Martinez then drove back to the home, where they were later found by police detectives.

Both have reportedly given videotaped confessions to the murders.

Both men are expected back in court on October 21.

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