Fatal rollover crash on I-57

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

At least one person was killed in a rollover accident overnight Sunday on I-57.

A black BMW was exiting at 119th street, when the driver lost control and the vehicle flipped over.

Witnesses say the car was speeding.

One person was ejected from the vehicle.

Illinois State Police say there was a second person in the car.

That person was injured, but their condition is not known.

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  • devkendesign

    Hi Bubba,
    Obviously this incident is far reaching over time as I am commenting almost 6 years later. I’m just giving correct information and giving him a face, rather than the guy killed on I-57. The young man who died in the accident was my son, Kendall, he was 22 years old and my very best friend in the world. He was the passenger and was wearing his seat belt. Unfortunately, this time, seat belts did not save a life.

    The driver was thrown from the car. Sadly, he had been drinking. They very close, more like brothers than friends. The driver, up until this serious lapse in judgement, had proven to be a very responsible young man. Which is why my husband and I were instrumental in making sure he was not sentenced to a long prison term. This would have just been another loss of a life and we know that this is what Kendall would have wanted. The most important reason is we know how much he loved Kendall. At the time of the accident, he (the driver) was working two jobs. One as a CNA at a local hospital and another at a railroad. The reason they were out that evening is because Kendall’s work schedule changed and this would be their last opportunity to do so. They were very seldom in the streets, they spent most weekends at his friends apartment playing video games.

    Because of the love he held for Kendall he suffers every single day for what he has done. He is living in his own personal prison. He slips in and out of suicidal thoughts. But we have asked him that he hold on, live his life to the best possible potential and continue to be the best Godfather he can to Kendall’s son, (also named Kendall and his spitting image) the gift Kendall left us all.

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