McCarthy calls for tougher gun laws after mass overnight shootings

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy angrily calls for harsher gun laws in the wake of the shooting that left 13 people wounded in the Back of the Yards neighborhood.

“Illegal guns, illegal guns, illegal guns drive violence. Military-type weapons, like the one we believed to have been used in this shooting, belong on the battlefield. Not on the street, or on the corner, or in a park in the Back of the Yards. This country should have a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines, like the ones used in this event. It’s common sense,” said McCarthy at a news conference on Friday.

He also called for background checks on all gun sales. He added at the state level, people should be required to report the transfer of weapons.

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin also weighed in on the shooting.

He said people who are mentally ill, or have committed violent felonies, should not be allowed to legally buy guns in the U.S. Durbin also said people should not be allowed to buy guns for those who are prohibited from doing so. It’s a practice that’s known as “straw purchases.”

WGN News Writer C. Hayes published this story.

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  • S. Afryl

    Last nights Back of the Yards shootings is yet another indication of the impact gang violence has in Chicago and across the nation. However we must also ask the following questions and think about some of the circumstances. Pastor Cory Brooks stated these were just people enjoying a nice evening, not children unattended by parents or out to cause trouble. Hold on this was a Thursday evening after 10 pm, a school night. So here are the questions. Why are teens out on a school night playing basketball? Shouldn't they be home studying? Yet they ask why the average GPA and test scores are low and the drop out rate high. Why is a 3 yr old out on a basketball court @10 pm instead of safe at home tucked in his bed, especially in neighborhood known for violence particularly in the evening hours. Even in a better neighborhood this is an unacceptable excuse. What responsible parent goes to hang out on a basketball court with a 3 year old in tow? Why is any parent out with their child hanging on a Basketball court in an area known for violence. More important on a weeknight when school is in session. Shouldn't they be home actually parenting making sure the homework is done the books are read, re-enforcing education and family values. Yes we all need socialization, we all need our time away. Where you choose to spend your time and how, is what makes a difference. The excuses out number the crimes. There is no excuse for bad parenting. None for parents who opt not to stand up and put their foot down in order to keep their children safe and show them responsibility.. There is never an excuse for putting your want or your son's/ daughter's want to hang out on a basketball court in a gang infested area above the safety .New saying "JUST DON'T" People wake up start being involved start making changes.

    • Ismael

      I agree 100% but remember in order to show responsibility You have to be responsible and these parents are not responsible nor smart. Your kids and my kids were tucked in bed early but these parents want to have fun and set aside the danger They are in. I would not go Chicago's south side for any reason at all. Thank God I left Chicago twenty one years ago and hardly go there. In my neighborhood We still leave our garage doors open at night. The only work the police do is ticket people without a license or insurance.

  • Joe

    If those "military-style" weapons should be used on the battlefield only then why is the CPD and almost every other township's PD use them? If they ban them then will they stop using them as well? I think not. This is exactly why I have the 2nd Amendment to tell you to go jump off a bridge.

    • taylor_baine

      If you were to ask McCarthy that in private his reply would be (with a smirk); "Because they're police officers."
      That is an indication that this "democracy" is headed toward totalitarian fascism.
      Dumb down the people-disarm the people-Dominate the people!

  • Northsider28

    The problem isn't the guns, it's the police department. When the blue light cameras went up the police stopped patrolling the streets. Take a good look around, when you do see the police, they are usually parked somewhere engrossed with their Iphones oblivious to everything around them. The citizens of Chicago should get together and file a class-action lawsuit against the city of Chicago for not providing the policing services that we pay taxes for.

  • Dan Weimerskirch

    So lets get this straight mcCarthy, you want the only people to have guns are crooks bangers and cops. And to top it off are jails are jammed full and when they are sentenced there out in a year or two. You are clueless mcCarthy.

  • arubatom

    Let's see…Dick Durbin…oh yes, wasn't he going to form a committee to look at price gouging by the oil companies a few years back? And McCarthy…you know the guns laws don't apply to the criminals and gang bangers…so what really is your point? People like Durbin and McCarthy make their public appearance after something like last nights shootings. Why weren't they effective in heading it off in the first place? More grandstanding in front of the media…have Jesse, and Reverend Al weighed in on this yet????

  • Jim

    First don't call anybody a monkey. This is not a race issue but I do agree with the rest of your message . The problem with Chicago is poverty people are going to do what ever to survive steal kill rape what ever. Soon as this American economic system crashes the whole country is going to be a warzone. This isn't about protecting people its about disarming the law abiding citizen so when Marshall law comes you will be a slave. The gangbangers are just a pawn in the game to push a agenda.

  • Stella

    Until the root of the problem gets addressed in these poor neighborhoods, there will be no solution. there are no jobs, poverty, the decline of the family in these neighborhoods, no male role models to keep these thugs in line and these kids have no hope for a bright future. The black community, the mayor and the police chief need to all look each other straight in the eye and address the real issues.

  • indiana dan

    first of all there are laws against purchasing firearms for felons.
    second Chi-raq is a gun free city with some of the toughest gun laws in the nation.
    So the laws are not being enforced
    shame on these people for having their baybay out that late at night
    there is a breakdown in south side society

    And it's my belief that Gang- Bangers should be tried for Domestic Terrorism for it's my belief that they are Homegrown terrorists. GO! BEARS!

  • Eatitrahm

    Get rid of the drugs…everything else will fall into place. It's not illegal guns. That is a bandaid for the real issue.
    Can we use chemical warfare in those hot zones?

  • Steve

    You have got to be kidding!!!!!!! Illinois has some of the toughest gun control laws in the country and gun violence is still out of control. Note to politicians, you need to stop your political correctness and go after the real problem, GANGS! Until you get serious about a serious problem and actually deal with it, the problem will never go away.

    The only people gun control laws affect are the law abiding citizens who are effected by your stupid laws. Get your heads out of the sand and take a look at reality. Criminal don't follow the rules and they don't care how many gun control laws you put on the books. They will only give you the middle finger and continue their way of life. 13 people shot with some of the most restrictive gun control laws on the books in the country should show you that. WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  • Joe

    When Chicago gets a Mayor and Police Superintendent who admit to the actual problems in the city there may be a chance to get control of the situation. Up until now all they do is put their collective heads in the sand and parrot their leader Obama with demands for taking away the rights of citizens with their gun control laws. You can bet the farm that the weapons used were not legally purchased by the shooters who , surprise do not have a FOID card in their pocket. How many of those people in that park have gang ties ?? Chicago needs to directly address the problem and that is gangs and their members. The police know who they are and should just arrest them all . Get some of those Nancy Crook County Judges to jail the scum and the community needs to come out of the state of denial and finger pointing and take responsibility for what they have created.

  • S Jo

    Here we go again….more gun laws, ya…that will fix it. This is a failure of liberal policy of over 50 years that had failed. No man-made law wil fix what’s wrong. We started years ago taking God out of public site so as not to “offend” people. When He is not present in our lives then the evil one will fill the bill. It’s ALL a moral problem today and always has been. I’m guilty and so is everyone else. Time we get back to God and pray.

  • Ismael

    I am surprised that none of the geniuses who post comments on this website have hit nail on the head so let me educate You. The real problem in the city is the fight for turf for selling drugs. The gangs want to eliminate the competition. This is the way it works mostly Hispanics bring the drugs in ,They sell it in bulk to the black gangs which in turn package it to sell it WHITE kids. The gangs do not shoot white kids because You don't shoot the consumer. The best way to stop all this violence is to keep an eye on the consumer if the consumer do not show up to buy then the gangs will go out of business. This is how the whole process works. If there are no buyers the business will have to shut down so in reality it is a white, hispanics and blacks problem. We are all involved. Like or not this the truth.

  • vaz_the_taz

    The sheriff is from somewhere in NEW JERSEY. One of our council members was endorsed by NEW YORK MAYOR Michael Bloomberg. What's next? A mayor from DETROIT? A governor from CALIFORNIA?
    (and headed toward DETROIT)
    Too bad the community "activists" (usually some reverend who is just doing it for the power and attention) have most of the people too brainwashed to understand!

    • Dick Beninya

      Ain’t one of them “activists” now the president? Didn’t this activist “organizer” also run and win the state legislative district and US senate seat for the area plagues with this violence. He didn’t do anything about it then, he won’t do anything about it now!
      Where are Jesse and Al now?

  • FEDUP1967

    All I can do is shake my head and wonder if the folks in charge ever hear what they are saying.
    Tougher gun laws…. does the top cop REALLY think that the gangs are buying their guns from gun stores and registering them. What a moron.
    How about we put these gangs to work? When they get arrested enlist them in the military and ship them over seas and put them to work and let them fight for our country.
    1)You like violence so much? you got it!
    2) You like guns? Bingo, here you go!
    3) You have no skills? You'll learn it in boot camp.
    4) No one ever gave you any opportunity to succeed. BOOM, here is your chance.

  • Reallyfedup!

    Where is the Rev. Jesse Jackson on this major problem in his Community now! What about the other big mouth idiot Al who also should be working with his community! You never see or hear of them unless something happens between different races.

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