TV pitchman Trudeau released from custody

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A Federal judge has agreed to release Kevin Trudeau, but the TV pitchman will have to remain on a short leash.

Trudeau was locked up Wednesday for violating court orders to stop his lavish spending.

Today the judge warned Trudeau to cooperate with federal regulators.

At a hearing this morning, a Federal Trade Commission receiver said he was suspicious of Trudeau’s lack of memory about monies during a 3-hour interview Wednesday night.

Another hearing is scheduled for next Thursday.

Trudeau could still be held in contempt of court and face 6 months in jail.


  • Tom O'Connor


    Simply put, you are a loser! Trying to self gloss yourself. Sucks that you can't afford to be a part of our club & you think you brought awareness nationally. You are laughable! You and Peter W. can go sit in a corner an talk about how each of you had a part in bringing KT (NOT KY – I'll save the comment I could make right here) down. Good luck in life you LOSER!! Signed, A very successful GIN member

  • Anti gove

    KT is simply a target for the corrupted government and the controlled media. I am surprised any would want to work in a puppet show (media) and be told what to report and not look at the whole picture. Americans, free speech is gone and KT is standing for us, let's stand for KT.

  • Todd Reinhardt

    There are two things going on here. On one side you have some positive things being done that have helped some people… ok. On the other hand you have some things about KT that are, in the light of our judicial system, criminal. I am familiar with what he teaches, and you can get that information in many places – he's not teaching original material. To all the GIN members, I'll say what I've been saying since KT started the scam…. Get a few books from Brian Tracy, and read some Ayn Rand… then get on with your life. You'll have better results and it'll be waaaaay cheaper. If he was a true guru he'd be teaching you to self-lead and not to look to external authorities (such as himself) How many of you GIN folks actually made more than you put in? (nobody) Who can step up and say that they were not compensated in a manner that the "system" promised? (everybody) As far as his diet book goes – here's the thing… ALL diets work. They are not all good for you, but they all take off the weight. I could never figure out why people couldn't see through the diet book industry (scam) when eating right and watching portions does the trick every time… or why people still think MLM's work. As PT Barnum said… KT has a new customer born every minute.

    • Ester

      KT is teaching you about self leadership through the materials. As far as the teachings go, sure you can sort of find level 1 stuff on the internet but as you go through higher levels the stuffs taught there are not something you can find. If it were everyone would be living the life of their dreams by now. Sure you can find good stuffs in other cheap books or sources but realize what you are doing here. People seem to always want something for free and not willing to invest in it. This creates a world filled with abuse and unfair exchanges leading to world exploitation. Look at all the kids who are forced to work in the world. Where does this begin? From the notion that people just want freebies and cheap things and the only way for such people to get that is by child labor creating a lot of disharmony in the world. With GIN, you pay for what you get. And it is with this form of exchange that comes benefit in your life. Always looks at the consequences of your deeds before you promote them.

    • nancyashley

      I read all the books from the "gurus" for many, many years. I was in Metaphysics for many, many years. I've never been able to make such an amazing success of my life until I joined GIN and upgraded thru the levels. KT teaches the real deal – it works IF YOU work IT!!!

      Your credibility was really shot when you started answering your own questions – with WRONG answers. Doesn't sound like you went thru any of the trainings, or at least applied any of the trainings, since you don't think KT taught us to "self-lead". Right from the VERY beginning KT continually told us to ONLY LISTEN TO OURSELVES, and not take anyones word for something, NOT EVEN HIS! He kept saying over and over, who do you ultimately listen to? YOURSELF!

      Then you asked how many made more than they put in, and you said "nobody". Are you kidding me? I can't even begin to count how much more money I made than what I put in. And the information and changes I've made in my life are absolutely PRICELESS!

      • nancyashley

        And you said "Everybody" can say they were not compensated in a manner that the system promised????? What??? I've gotten EVERYTHING GIN PROMISED ME, and if they weren't able to deliver, they made it even better and gave me something of greater value!!!!! WITHOUT ME EVEN ASKING!!!

        You appear to be so miserable and angry. Hopefully you'll really "listen" to the CDs someday – you must still have them – but that's your choice of course. Doesn't it seem strange to you though that so MANY (thousands and thousands) of us are so blissfully happy and absolutely LOVE what this Club has done for our lives? Ever consider there just might be something you missed? Just sayin………….

  • Franklin Michaels

    Hi – If you just landed from Mars or have just been fortunate enough to NOT being subjected to this Kevin Trudeau issue for the last few years, let me give you the real scoop on what is going on here. This is an open forum about Kevin Trudeau, and some people are deliberately populating the board with positive messages about him. This is a fabricated and dishonest campaign, and it does not reflect the reality of what is going on. Don't buy the carefully packaged messages about how wonderful he is and what he's done for this or that person. Kevin has been to prison twice already, and he's recently gone to jail, although he's currently out. He has a big case coming up in November though. Be clear about reality. Charges against him are serious, and he's been convicted more than once. His assets and interests are under the supervision of an agent for the court. This is a complex story and the testimonies here are meant to cloud the clear. He's not being bullied, harassed or unfairly picked on so don't buy that storyline either. The courts have better things to do with their time, and so do the bureaucrats. I'm just saying this because I want you to be aware that you are currently being bombarded with an orchestrated propaganda effort as you read this board. As an aside, my suspicion is that it was put together and executed by a small cabal of people. Read, and think what you will, but my best advice is to be keenly aware that you're being snowed. The courts will make their determination eventually and he'll have to live with the outcome. I guarantee you this much though… if you look into his past, like I have, you will have a far more integrated view of him than this board will have you believe. If someone was honest, they'd be encouraging you to look at everything. There's plenty online, the record is there… I'd suggest you start with John Stossel's report on him.. you can find it on You Tube and it is excellent.

    • Chris

      Oh, then, Franklin Michaels, please tell me your personal experience with Kevin Trudeau and/or the material of The Global Information Network?

      Which books and audios have you fully read and listened to, and then applied and used the information that you've learnt?

      There is a massive amount of positive testemonials here, and everywhere you look for it. I know many of these people personally, and I KNOW that what they are saying is more true that your nickname and the lack of evidence for your claims about "fabricated and dishonest" comments. Have you ever heard the wise words from a wise man that says that you SEE what you ARE? That's quite interesting, because you see fabrication and dishonesty.

      And even if some of your statements and assumptions were based on concrete facts, which, sadly, most of them are not, then take this into consideration: All of these positive testimonials and confession can't be lying!

    • Chris Smith

      And by the way, Franklin Michaels:

      You talk about this "small" cabal of people who writes many of these comments.. Well, I can verify that you're right.

      However, small is not an appropriate word to describe us (if we were the FTC or the US government we would now sue you for something like, let's say $37 million, for offering your personal opinion about the SIZE of this group, just like Kevin got sued for using the word "easy" to describe the Weight Loss Cure;).

      We are a "cabal of people", or more accurately, a GROUP OF FRIENDS, who met through a wonderful club. This group of friends consists of about, one moment, let me check… 44 + 70 + 62 friends. Some of these numbers somewhat overlaps, so lets be conservative and say about 100 friends. Friends who met through a MAGNIFICENT club that Kevin Trudeau has contributed IMMENSELY to. This club is growing each and every day, with or without you.

      We'd love to have your kind spirit onboard, but this is a club for those who are willing to realize their dreams. You have to qualify, and you need the friendship of someone who is already on the inside. The relationships built through this club, is, as you can see, INTENSELY strong. The FACT that just a group of about 100 individuals can put their minds together in friendship and harmony, and STAND UP for what they BELIEVE in, is heartwarming and tremendously powerful.

      We are people from aaalll over the worlds, from different backgrounds, with different languages, hopes and dreams. But STILL, through this society – this success club that Kevin Trudeau has benefited enormously to – we have all found strength to harmonize and communicate lovingly and peacefully. This IS a WONDERFUL example of how this world can interact in peace.

      If this reverberates, even the slightest, with you, then I suggest that you take a closer look. Give yourself the benefit of a doubt, and let yourself taste the reality of all these testimonials. You have the opportunity to positively change your life forever, but it is up to you.

      I wish you well. Good luck.

    • Ester

      Ok so Nelson Mandela also went in prison, but what for? To fight for freedom. This is also what KT is doing but you just don't want to see it that way because of your own brainwashing and bad experience. So what if someone went to jail? Does that really make them a bad person? If a poor homeless father has to steal food to keep his son alive and ends up being in prison because of that, is that being a bad person? Come on, use your common sense people. The reason why this world is turning into a bad place is because people fail to use common sense and honesty and base their reactions on what their minds want to hear as opposed to what is really going on in this world!

  • paul

    As an ex GIN member of well over 3 years, I have a question for all the people out there reading this that support Kevin Trudeau and GIN. How many of you ever made any donations to his Legal Defense Fund before the receivers took over and basically shut that down? I'm willing to bet that not too many of you have. I have been in numerous groups on Face Book talking with current GIN members who are hard core Kevin Trudeau supporters and have not ran into any yet that claimed they have donated any money to him. I've even talked to upper level members in GIN that spent thousands of dollars upgrading and buying tools and yet they donated nothing to KT's Legal Defense Fund. When I was in GIN, I donated well over $2000 to Stand With KT, and I wasn't even employed at the time. To me, it's total hypocrisy, and it's a perfect example of Talking the Talk, but not Walking the Walk. If I was still in GIN and a hard core KT supporter like I use to be, I would even say that the old saying, "All that has to happen for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing" would definitely apply here.

    • Chris

      I've recently made a donation of a substantial amount in accordance to my relatively good economy for a student. Walking the walk is as congruent as it can with talking the talk :)

    • Ester

      Who cares about people donating to his legal fund? Some high level members were not even made aware of his video but those who listened to it took immediate action. The ones who didn't chose to do so because they were in no financial means to do so. Just cos someone is in GIN does not compel them to donate. KT says donate whatever you can. Everyone is at a different place and I am sure KT understands that. Those who are true GINNERS will spend the rest of their life knowing that when it was time to stand up and make a difference, they did so and therefore they will live the rest of their life with no guilt or remorse. As for hypocrisy, I would rather leave that for those who just used GIN to want to get a better life but when they needed to support GIN when GIN needed them those people did nothing but just quit.

    • nancyashley

      Having donated for years, I went to the dinners and there were plenty of other members there, high level and low level. Not sure what high level members you were talking to, but the dinners were packed!!

  • angmcw43

    Seriously!!! In the past?? Kevin continues his lying deceitful ways still today. It never ends. Amazing that many do not see. Take the blinders off. And to those who claim No one has asked for there money back in re to the book. WRONG!!! You are very misinformed. And should not be telling tall tales on a public forum. And yes I can back up all that I state. Thanx and have a lovely day. Dont be hypocrites!!!

      • Chris

        Kevin even states in his video on YouTube, KT Appeal To Fans, that anyone who wanted a refund got a refund, and that the government only got maybe a handful of complaints. You don't have to listen to the media to get informed. KT will tell you the specific facts, the truth and his viewpoint.

  • Chad M

    What I have learned from Kevin about the world and how to be successful in it 100% invaluable. There is no way to put a price tag on the knowledge that can never be taken away from me. My kids will grow up in a better world because of what I have learned from him. My family and I thank him from the bottom of our hearts for what he's done. A real man never backs down from his morals and principles no matter how much pressure there is on him. We're behind you 100% KT. Thank you for everything that you've done and will continue to do no matter what the outcome of this fraudulent money grab turns out to be.

  • Liberty

    Yes, I have donated to Stand With KT because I believe that the court's judgement was WAY out of porportion to his alleged transgression in the Weight Loss Cures infomercial. But since KT values energetic, as well as financial support for his legal defense efforts, it doesn't matter how many donors are also GIN members. Therefore, none of the above energetic supporters are hypocrites. No one disagrees with angmcw43 that there have been many book refunds — that's true for any book seller — but I've never heard of anyone being DENIED a refund. 1st Amemdment allows KT to market his books, and anyone who feels mislead or unsatisfied gets their money back. How is this deceptive?

  • DaVinci

    Kevin Trudeau has facilitated so much opportunity and so much potential in my family that really there are no words to express the gratitude we feel for him, his teachings and willingness to stand up for what's right against those that are trying to suppress goodness in this system we call the USA. Love and Light resonates with virtually everyone he has crossed paths with. I know I am a better person and my kids will be better healthy people because we found Kevin Trudeau. And regardless what happens we will thrive because we are GIN. We are many, We are one. We love the energy that radiates from all this, it serves to propel us further and to higher levels. To the Media Industry, we say,… We love you, as without your help in this, GIN would not reach so many so quickly. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  • Chris Smith

    Dear Abe Husein,

    First of all, let me thank you, for you are adding tremendously to the pool of information that contains ALL of the improvements that GIN (and KT) may want to utilize on it's way to increasingly more and more success.

    Your critique is valuable to us, and we love you for having the courage to stand forth as the target of mockery by the future masses of people who haven't yet been exposed to the information in GIN, but who understands its value. Eventually, they will also know the power in experiencing the contrast of what they want, like the contrast that you are experiencing now. Everything will be okay, even though all of this hatred of yours, unfortunately, bounces back at you in the very near future.

    When the very world that you've created turns back at you, please know that you're always welcome to return to your senses, make a new decision based on the information that you do not yet know, and receive our forgiveness. The people of GIN forgives.

    And yes, as another, wise Abe says, there IS great love for you here.

  • Anonymous

    I've known the Kevin Trudeau name for maybe 3/4 my life. He's never done anything for me.

    Those prophets refuse to be honest. They tell my people there will be peace, even though there’s no peace to be found. They are like workers who think they can fix a shaky wall by covering it with paint. 11 But when I send rainstorms, hailstones, and strong winds, the wall will surely collapse. 12 People will then ask the workers why the paint didn’t hold it up. ~ Ezekiel 13:10

  • Eduardo George

    I wish with my heart that all of this will go away and KT is allowed to remain a free man so he can continue helping more people. I have nothing to say but good things about this man. I never seen anyone complain nor have I seen anyone asking for a refund on his books. I have friends who have benefited from KT's books and information. GIN has also been a wonderful way to give great information to new members. Thank you KT for your value production to society.

  • Chris

    Kevin Trudeau, his books, the club, Global Information Network, that he has contributed enormously to, and all the speakers in this club, are responsible for the positively transformed life that I'm now living. The information is really priceless.
    Why, you say?

    Try to put a price tag on it when your family is finally back together. You're eating dinner two times a week with your sisters, who used to despise each other, and your Mom and Dad, who before were "at war".

    Try putting a price tag on this when you now have over 70 new friends, and they are the best individuals you've ever met.

    Try calling it A SCAM, a LIE, a "pyramid scheme" when you've regained your health, self-worth and self-confidence. When people REGULARLY compliment you for your attractiveness, vibrant health, charisma and vitality, and just two years ago you were spending several months of your life at the hospital, not feeling great at all.

    To call Kevin Trudeau untruthful is like calling the government and the pharmaceutical commericals honest.
    To call The Global Information Network a scam and a pyramid scheme is like calling the sky the ocean and the moon a cheese.
    I mean, it's just complete lunacy when you've been there, applied it and taken a look at the difference in yourself.

  • Dean

    Thanks to KT, we can see through all of the BS the government throws at us and have been throwing at us for a very long time. The government controls the media, so to say John Stossel is a reliable source of info shows just how many people are still asleep. Kevin exposes the government for what they are…criminals. You probably don't understand because your brain and body is so filled with toxins and chemicals administered by your beloved government that you can't begin to think on your own. You think you know whats right about KT but you don't. You're fat, stupid, unfriendly, and you sit in front of your tv and computer all day, everyday for years, and that is why you are a loser who cannot think straight. And you certainly are not alone. But the good news is, we at GIN love you. We want you to succeed. We can help. We support eachother. We have the tools to help you succeed. You CAN have be and do whatever you want. If you can't see that the government IS the SCAM. The whole system is a SCAM. YOU and I are being SCAMMED by who?.. The government…thats who.
    Bless GIN, Bless KT, and yes Bless You too!

  • Irina

    Kevin Trudeau is a great man! Please read his books and you'll see why "they" after him – it is because hi is telling the truth! People, please wake up, stand by the truth!

  • Francis Dostie

    I always been really curious and have never been satisfy by mass news or opinion. I am grateful that 2 years ago I have listened to Kevin on one of is audio named Your Wish Is Your Command.

    I became a member of this powerful private club GIN. Since joining this club, I have started my business in China to help wealthy Chinese to invest overseas, I have meet the women of my life that I would be ready to die for, my mom is on her way to be fully cure and my finances have never been so good!

    Thanks for being a leader for the freedom of speech Kevin! I will strongly encourage everyone that is watching this video or other news about Kevin take a few minutes to think by themselves why the elite and government would like to silence him. Why are they not focussing or big criminals such as Mosanto and big pharmacies who are selling you drug solutions instead of natural one…

    Thanks Kevin for helping me to have, be and do everything I want. It’s now time to pay forward!!!

  • Roger

    I´m so, so grateful for everything Kevin Trudeau does for mankind. He doesn´t have to, but he does that anyway. That´s how big he is. The benefit my family and I have received from membership in the Global Information Network can´t be measured in money. He is the mentor and messenger that has changed our lives completely and we are forever grateful for that.

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