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Balancing Act

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rizzoThe Cubs’ long trip continues in Milwaukee tonight. They had a 3-4 week against two playoff contenders last week and after this 4-game series they play Atlanta, Pittsburgh and St. Louis to finish the season.

As I think about this season, it clearly has represented a step forward. The record has improved, the Cubs have been in most of their games and the emergence of Travis Wood and Welington Castillo in particular have been encouraging to see.

Of course, finishing way under .500 and watching Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo struggle hasn’t been easy, but it’s all part of this arduous process.

I was chatting with someone about how this season has felt compared to last year and while it was agreed that this team is clearly better, there have times of maybe more frustration than last year.

The reasons? I think two-fold. 1) Last season I think everybody knew going in it was going to be a year of major transition.  2) Because this season is the Cubs’ 4th consecutive losing season, it feels worse in that we haven’t seen a winning season in so long.

That’s the balance. Understanding a process that doesn’t happen quickly while dealing with the anxiety that comes with not having been a winning club in so long.

Nobody said this is easy and what will make the ultimate success even more fulfilling is remembering all the tough losing seasons that have preceded it.


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