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Raising the Barre

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Barre workouts are all the rage. A hybrid between pilates and ballet (though owner Taylor Seguy will clarify it is not “dance-y” at all), these classes kick some serious booty. We are the first to admit that fitness classes can be intimidating, especially if you walk into a room of Lululemon-clad, size-0 pros which is why we love Studio Fit, located in the heart of Lincoln Park. It may be a little tricky to find (look for their sign, then head up the stairs) but we promise it is SO worth it.

When owner Taylor Seguy moved to Chicago, she quickly tired of her exercise routine. Looking to spice things up, she tried a barre class and immediately fell in love. Four years later, she opened her own studio to whip her fellow Chicagoans into shape.

“It’s a lot of low-weight, high-repetition strength training,” Taylor says. “It’s a total-body workout and then you do the stretching afterwards to elongate the muscles.”

For those looking for a dancer’s physique, barre is the answer to your prayers. Created by a professional dancer, the workout targets your tummy, thighs, arms, and rear. The results have women across the city signing up to test their limits in these hour-long classes.

“These workouts are designed for a woman’s body and you know, most women don’t want to bulk up,” Taylor says. “They want the long, lean look and these classes will definitely help anyone achieve that.”

But this workout isn’t just for the ladies of Lincoln Park. Their BYOG  class (bring your own GUY) encourages participants to bring a male counterpart along for the workout. Regardless of who is in attendance, all walk away feeling better than an hour earlier, largely due to the team-like atmosphere Studio Fit fosters.

“Everybody has challenges in class and overcoming them as a team, even though they’re different challenges, is a huge reason why I stay here and support it so much,” Liz Korte, a four-month vet says. “Every time I leave I just have this sense of pride and am looking forward to the next class.”

Studio Fit is located at 1011 W. Armitage Ave. Chicago, IL and can be reached at (773) 819-0012.

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