WATCH LIVE: Trial for men accused in murder of Chicago teen Hadiya Pendleton

New playground, field for CPS school at center of safety crackdown

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The timing couldn’t have been much worse to Mayor Emanuel.


He cut the ribbon Friday on a new playground and turf field that may be too dangerous for kids.

The ceremony is taking place at Dulles School of Excellence, 6311 S. Calumet on the South Side.

Dulles is a welcoming school for students who were removed from other schools closed by consolidation this year.

In a memo to staff,  Dulles administrators have told teachers to get the students and themselves out of the building and off school grounds as fast as possible at the end of the school day.

The order is in response to recent shootings and the ongoing feud between two rival gangs in the neighborhood.

Dulles has also cancelled afternoon football practice until further notice.

A spokeswoman for the school says administrators are hoping the security measures are only temporary.

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  • Why?

    We're ready to send our people over to Syria — but we can't control and/or apprehend 2 rival gangs?! Why do our students and teachers have to run for their lives? It's their school. Priorities are so messed up here. That's why the gangs can threaten, haunt and murder whoever they want, including innocent children! Sick!

  • Disappointed

    This is not new information that the school is insisting the students and teachers leave immediately after dismissal. This has happened numerous times in previous school years. I understand the violence is a big issue but it is a big issue for the entire city of Chicago. Instead of focusing negatively on it, why not show the positive side of this story. It is a wonderful experience for this school to receive a state of the art field for activities and sports. Someone is finally providing wonderful opportunities for this neighborhood and all WGN wants to show is how horrible this is because of an unrelated memo from a week ago? There were probably so many wonderful things said about the opportunities presented to the students of Dulles, but all the news outlets are focused on is an ongoing feud between gang rivals that has been going on longer than this school has even been opened.

  • WEB

    That's one way to make sure parents walk their own kids to and back from school, now may be the newly hired police officers can get their training instead of doing the parents job.

    • Stupidaswgn

      Your comment has even less to do with the real story than this article does. Please take an educated grammar class before commenting to know maybe is one word, not "may be" as you thought in your unrelated ignorant post.