Apps that will save you money

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Looking for a little extra green? These apps will help you save money (and in some cases, make money!)

Grocery IQ

Free for iOs and Android

No need to tote around a stack full of paper coupons when you’re grocery shopping — they’re all contained within Grocery iQ. Make your grocery list within the app, and the app will tell you if there are coupons associated with the item you want to buy. You can also “clip” coupons you find in the app and print them from your phone with a wireless printer.


Free for iPhone and Android

This app will help you maximize rewards and cash back from your credit cards. First, enter your credit cards into the app. Then, using the GPS on your phone, the app will help you identify the retailer or restaurant you’re in and let you know which card you should use to get the most cash back or reward points. The best part: If you feel uncomfortable putting all your credit card information into the app, you can simply enter the type of credit cards you have to find out what card is best to use when.



Free for iPhone and Android

You can actually make money with this app when you go shopping. Here’s how it works: Select your deals before you head to the store — most of them require you to vote in a poll, read a recipe or watch a commercial before you can claim it. After you go shopping, take a photo of your receipt and Ibotta will verify your purchases and credit your account within 24 hours — the cash is loaded onto a PayPal account.


Free for Android

With this app, you can completely get rid of your wireless internet. PdaNet+ will turn your phone into a wireless hotspot for your other devices. Although, I would recommend experimenting with the app first before you canceling your internet completely — it doesn’t work on ALL android devices.

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