IVme, Please

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Some have dubbed it the Hangover Headquarters and similar clinics are certainly gaining popularity in late night epicenters like Las Vegas. Nestled in the heart Chicago’s Near North Side, IVme is making a name for itself and turning heads on both the local and national level.

Officially called a hydration clinic, for the price of $99, anyone can have access to an IV cocktail tailored to their needs. The clinic provides a regular saline solution, vitamin-packed bags, and add-ons like anti-inflammatory solutions, vitamin B12 complex for an energy boost, and anti-nausea medicine. The list goes on. Despite what others may say, IVme founder Jack Dybis says his clinic serves more than just struggling partiers.

“Not even 40% of our patients have hangovers,” he says. “Chicago is a hard-working city and people just abuse themselves because they work so hard and they also play so hard and you just get worn out.”

In Chicago especially, residents may suffer dehydration for a variety of reasons: our blistering hot summers, brutal cold and flu seasons, and active, on-the-go lifestyles. For Jack, IVme is about getting people back on their feet so they can continue living the life they want.

Eric Steinbach, a retired NFL guard, relied on hydration therapy to get him through grueling two-a-days during his football days.

“Some guys would lose 8-10 pounds in one practice and you can drink 8-10 Gatorades and you wouldn’t get that back,” he says. “With getting an IV, it was a quick response, immediately get your fluids back in you and you’d be ready to go.”

Though his football days are behind him, he visits IVme several times a month for general maintenance.

“They offer the oxygen masks, the B12 shots,” Eric says. “I think if you mix all that stuff together honestly I can say it, you feel like a million bucks and it’s true.”

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