O’Hare neighbors brace for new noise

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Neighbors of O’Hare Airport aren’t getting any help in their fight to stop O’Hare from changing its landing pattern.

When a new runway opens October 17, almost all flights will take off and land from east to west and back; currently, they follow a diagonal pattern. It’s the latest phase in the modernization plan and according to Karen Pride of the Chicago department of Aviation, it will improve capacity and efficiency.

“It’s going to also assist in decreasing delays because we’ll be using this runway in most weather conditions so it’s going to improve the on-time arrivals for the airport,” Pride said.

The new configuration will mean a lot more jet noise for O’Hare neighbors to the east and east, less noise to the north and south. A spokesperson for O’Hare airport says they will continue to have airlines advocate for quieter engines to make the noise less impactful for residents.

Critics protested Tuesday over what they consider a lack of community input about the new landing pattern. Nunzio Pulice, Mayor of Wood Dale, said he’s already met with joint meetings with neighboring communities to try and come up with a solution for the problem.

“The runways are going to open we have no control over that,” Pulice said. “But we do want to sit down with our congressman to get some of the planes turned over the industrial parks where we really don’t have residents sleeping there.”

But Congressman Mike Quigley said Thursday, he supports the airport expansion because it will be good for the area’s economy.

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