Chicagoans reflect on the legacy of MLK speech

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

As crowds gathered in the nation’s capitol to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream speech” and the March on Washington, Chicagoans are taking time to reflect on the monumental event.

WGN’s Robert Jordan talked with three people who evaluated the impact of King’s message 50 years later.

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  • Lisaetee

    Dr. King would be saddened to know the state of the Black community in Chicago today and would want to focus on making sure kids have good parents, good mentors, good teachers and good schools. Only those things will ensure we have more Black presidents, Congresspeople, Supreme Court Judges and other leaders. What kid in Chicago can succeed and lead in the future? Do any of them even have a chance in this environment we have created for them? We are wasting a generation in this city. Will anyone stand up and lead their own kids to success? Dr. King had a great dream. Now we have to have our own dreams as parents and make them come true.

  • Kevin

    Dear Mr. Jordan,
    I truly appreciate your comments at the end of your piece this evening – the black community should look into the mirror at what they can do themselves and not look first to place the blame on others. I wish the many well known black "leaders" would take your words to heart i.e. Jesse Jackson. The blame game is well overplayed in our society, its seriously straining race relations and is one of the greatest offenses to Dr. King's dream. I truly wish the black community would come together, tall and proud – as you and others like Cosby have said, "look in the mirror" – admit the weaknesses and then address them accordingly..together. I'm scared for our future because I mostly see the opposite of this. Perhaps when President Obama finishes his term he will take a stronger stance in this area, I truly hope so.

  • DC123

    MLK is shaking his head wondering, what went wrong. This is for Civil Rights, (for all Humans) not as a political platform!…Civil Rights Rosa Parks..Why is she not mentioned?…or should we mention James Byrd, Jr from Jasper, Tx., which was a hate crime…or are they forgotten? Or what about the 3 Americans who died at Benghazi, under the Presidents watch? Where are their civil rights?…Well?!?