California Dreamin’

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kershawThe Cubs lost to Zack Greinke last night and tonight they get the pleasure of facing the best pitcher in the big leagues, Clayton Kershaw.  The good news is, the Cubs’ best start this year, Travis Wood, goes for the North Siders.  Looks like a night for the pitchers in Chavez Ravine.

The Dodgers are sizzling hot, having won 47 of 59 to go from last to first in the NL West.  In two months’ time, their bloated payroll has gone from looking like a an albatross to a well-thought-out go-for-it plan.

The Dodgers are actually behaving more like the Yankees than the Yankees are these days.  The new ownership group has tackled this thing like George Steinbrenner used to — by throwing as much money as possible at the product.

Clearly, there are high stakes involved as a result.  Don Mattingly’s job was in serious jeopardy in early June before the Dodgers started this run.  When you spend this kind of money on the big league team, you better be good or else.

And along those lines, don’t think management is satisfied with mere regular season success.  Yes, the Dodgers arose from the dead in late June, but once they get to October, you can bet the people who write the paychecks expect this team to make a very deep run.  I think Mattingly’s job is safe regardless of what happens in the playoffs, but he will be expected to keep them at or near the top of their division every year moving forward.


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