Judge: JJJ doesn’t have to pay restitution to former campaign

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A sentencing hearing is underway in Washington DC for former congressman  Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife, former Chicago alderman Sandi Jackson.

Jackson diverted congressional campaign money for his personal use. His wife failed to report $600,000 in income.

Federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled that Jackson does not have to pay restitution to his former campaign because it is now defunct. The government had asked that in addition to forfeiture of assets Jackson pay the money back.

Judge Jackson says there is no one to pay the money to and that a new campaign committee would have to be formed just to receive the money which she said “makes no sense.”

Jackson’s defense attorney Reid Weingarten had argued that his client is making every effort to pay restitution but the government asking for too much.

“My client wants to be able to feed his children.”   Weingarten said.

Prosecutors want a 4-year prison sentence for Jackson, a year and a half for his wife.

If both get prison time, they’ll serve one at a time, so someone will be home to care for their children.

-WGN-TV producer Kelly Barnicle contributed to this report

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  • FEDUP1967

    What if they sold his homes in Chicago and Washington?
    Or their jewery, crysal, china, home furnishing?
    How about an investigation into private bank accounts he established under his childrens names?
    It is BS that he is not going to have to give back the money.

  • becca

    what a CROCK! He is totaling faking the whole bipolar .
    Watch and see if he doesnt get out of jail and decide to
    run for some political office claiming a remarkable recovery
    from the whole "feel sorry for me I have a mental illness" crap.
    He does a true injustice to the people that really struggle with
    bipolar. They should both go to jail AT THE SAME TIME. no one else
    would get that kind of preferential treatment, their kids would go to foster care.

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