Jesse Jackson Jr. lists prison preferences

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. wants to serve his time far from Chicago if he’s sentenced to prison for misspending campaign funds.

Jackson and his wife, Sandi, will find out their punishments Wednesday at federal court in Washington DC.

With prison time likely, the former congressman is aiming to serve at facilities in either Alabama or North Carolina to allow his family to visit somewhat conveniently from Washington.

Jesse Jackson Jr. is set to be sentenced at 8:30 Wednesday morning Chicago time and Sandi Jackson will learn her fate about an hour later.

Jackson pleaded guilty to misusing $750,000 of his campaign funds and federal prosecutors have recommended a four-year sentence.

Sandi Jackson pleaded guilty to filing false tax returns and could face up to 18 months.

Their defense lawyer filed a request Monday, indicating that the former congressman’s first preference is the federal prison camp in Montgomery, Alabama because it’s the closest facility to Washington.

Jackson’s second choice is considered the crown jewel in the federal prison system.

The federal correctional institution in Butner, NC has a college campus feel and includes a medical center.

Butner is currently home to former Chicago police commander John Burge and convicted ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff.

While the sentencing judge may suggest where Jackson should serve any prison time, inmate placement is actually determined by the Bureau of Prisons based on a variety of factors including medical needs.

Jackson’s lawyers say he requires continued treatment for severe depression and bipolar disorder.

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  • Unique


  • Cecilia

    And what do they mean that they want to choose which prison they should go too. Bladgovich did not have a choice, so what makes them any better. Also they should give them more time.

  • anonymous

    Sense when do people going to prison get to say here is were I prefer to go! Really! Jackson is no different then anyone else!!

  • Ismael

    Sandy Jackson did not report $600,000 as income so where is Lisa Madigan to get the State's 5%. I bet You Sandy gets a free pass on the State's portion.Lisa is afraid to go after a Jackson but if I don't pay She'll be right at my door with all kinds of threats.

  • concerned

    Funny comments. But the sad thing is when he's done doing his time, he'll run for ofice again and people will vote him right back in.

  • Jonathan

    wow, ok, he is going to Club Fed, just like Martha Stewert, He will have it so hard deciding whether or not to play tennis or have a sauna. Meals brought to him in his comfy 100 ft wide by 300 ft long so called luxury cell. Hookers on order. Oh yeah, real hard time!

  • Judy

    I wonder if I ever get busted I'll get to CHOOSE where I spend MY time???? Probably not, I don't have all the money they stole!!! It's not right that all these politicians get to go to what is call THE COUNTRY CLUBS where us average people get the worst jails an don't have a choice of where it is!!!!! Think I'll go into politics so I can steal a bit then get out before anyone notices!! Think it's a shame what GREED can do to a family. Imagine what the kids are going to have to go thru for the rest of their lives!!!!! "My daddy and mommy stole from the government while working there!!!!

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