First speed cameras to be installed outside city parks today

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The first four of Mayor Emanuel’s Child Safety speed cameras are being installed today outside city parks.

In fact, WGN’s  Judy Wang found one on Foster Avenue along Gompers Park is already in place.

The other parks getting the first cameras are Garfield, Washington and Marquette.

The cameras will start issuing warning tickets by the end of the month.

Eight more will be installed in September.

A motorist’s first violation will trigger a warning.  After that, speeding less than 10 miles over the limit will bring a $35 fine.   More than 10 miles over the limit will rack up a 100 dollar fine.

Opponents call Emanuel’s safety angle a smoke screen to generate cash for the debt ridden city.

And a month long test run at four locations last December netted more than 93,000 violations.  That would have brought in more than four million dollars, well over Emanuel’s estimate of $30 million a year.

With 50 cameras expected to be online by year’s end, the city could be hauling in hundreds of millions of dollars.

The city’s department of transportation calls the 93,000 speeders figure overblown.

They say the four test sites were very high volume locations.  And after cameras are installed, driver’s habits change and the amount of speeding and fines decreases.

The city of Washington D.C. reported speeding fell 90 percent after word got out about its cameras.

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  • Observer

    I wouldn't drive (let alone visit and spend money) in the liberal-infested hellhole of Chicago and Crook County even if you paid me.

    Why should I subsidize the Democratic pukes that have destroyed Chicago and Illinois?

  • Jamal

    I hope that NO one speeds and Not a single ticket gets issued . Watch how fast Emanuel pulls those cameras. Its not about safety. Let's be real.

  • Andrea

    so now everyone will avoid foster avenue going to the edens or the kennedy . they will use ALREADY CONGESTED Lawrence Avenue or Peterson.

    you (City leaders) are morons as well as crooks

  • TWW

    This is insane and another crooked thievery the city is starting! With cameras allowed 1/8 of mile from every park/school perimeter- the coverage can exceed 50% of Chicago. Citizens should revolt 1) by destroying these cameras, and 2) by getting rid of this horrid mayor that is working against the citizens!

  • Mike

    They tried the speed cameras along the freeways in Phoenix, Arizona. They didn't last too long because it was more than proven that it was just a money grab and it didn't help the safety of the freeways. You'll notice the camera company is from Arizona.

  • Andrea

    everyone that lives near a suburb – BUY YOUR GAS IN THE SUBURBS!!!!!
    YOU WILL SAVE MONEY and screw with these scoundrels.
    Go to Evanston, Lincolnwood, Park Ridge, Oak Park, etc.
    Let's start a boycott!

  • Ismael

    Chicago politicians are working hard to take all of your money. You can fight back by buying an inexpensive radar detector online. It warns You against speed cameras, police radar including laser and warns You when You approach a red light camera. A ticket will cost You more than one of these devices. I bought one of the latest versions on sale for at least half the price. FIGHT BACK DON'T LET THEM STEAL YOUR MONEY.

  • Andrea

    They are aggressively attacking the working class….let's screw with them..
    1. dont shop in the city if you have to pay for parking every 2 hours. the burbs have free lots
    2. buy your gas in the burbs
    3. taxes on soft drinks?! scr#ew you. ill buy my groceries in Skokie!

  • randy

    The people got rid of the cameras in Elmwood, Ohio which is a suburban part of Cincinnati. The city of Elmwood has to pay back all the money collected from the people. I hope that little hick town goes bankrupt because of the robbery of innocent people as some were only going ONE MILE over the limit.