Postal service in Logan Square suspended after carrier attacked

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The postal service has stopped delivery to one block in Logan Square after a mail carrier was attacked.

Businesses in the 3200 block of West North Avenue are not getting delivery for now.

They have to go to the post office at California and Fullerton to pick up their mail.  A carrier pepper-sprayed a menacing dog August 2nd, and was allegedly beaten by the dog’s owner.

Postal officials say service can be suspended when carriers do not feel safe.

Postal officials plan to meet with the alderman about improving safety and then restoring service.

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  • P.D.

    Every time I listen to this newscaster say the letter carrier was 'ALLEGEDLY' beaten and 'mail can be suspended when a carrier 'SIMPLY' doesn't feel safe'…..I get furious, I'm about to go postal!!! I hope he doesn't get his mail either!!
    I have delivered mail for 31 years and I have never been beaten by a customer. In my office, if we are verbally threatened and 'SIMPLY' do not feel safe, we DO NOT deliver mail in that area until the situation is resolved. Are these people crazy!? The State Farm Agent needs to be fired for his statements, also. Or perhaps the insurance agent and the newscaster would think it's okay for their wife or daughter to get the crap beat out of them while they are 'simply' doing they job.
    I guess things are different here in Tennessee, because the customer who beat the letter carrier would have been arrested, too.

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