2 teenage brothers arrested in 11 Schaumburg robberies

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Nicholas (L) and Frankie Panoski are charged in connection with eleven robberies.

Two teenage brothers were arrested in Schaumburg in connection to 11 robberies that took place in July.

Nicholas and Frankie Panoski of Bloomington, ages 18 and 17, respectively, were taken into custody by the Schaumburg Police Department after detectives determined Thursday that they were the main suspects in the robberies.

Schaumburg police say seven burglaries occurred on July 5, one on July 16, and three on July 17.

Nicholas is charged with six counts of felony burglary, while Frankie is charged with four counts of the same offense.




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  • Thomas Moriarty

    Thomas Moriarty jaclyn • 2 minutes ago −
    How does our system of justice come to terms with those who have autism and may be wrongly influenced by authority figures to waive their rights? How well might a person with more severe autism understand his Miranda rights, or be easily coerced into agreeing to anything? And how do we as a public react to those with autism — or any sort of developmental delay for that matter — when it comes to how such individuals are treated by the courts and law enforcement? These are teens with autism it doesn't matter how old they are someone with autism has a mind of a child they look at things differently then others and they burglarized these places with a taxi cab seriously people need to stop accusing people of things when they only believe what they read these children need help they are behind bars with the rest of society being beaten up and even more traumatized, it's sad how people just point fingers without knowing the whole story. These children were told if they say they did this they can go home. They need help someone to represent them so the public can know what really happened and know these crimes are still happening in their areas.

  • Sandy

    They shouldn’t be so hard on them this pisses me off so much !!! They are both autistic anyone could’ve easily manipulated them. If you ever met them they are always happy and good kids

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