Ald. Moore sets the record straight

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Alderman Joe Moore says he wants to set the record straight. That’s why he wrote a lengthy letter to his 49th ward constituents today, to tell them he has done nothing wrong.

Moore says the allegations against him are baseless, and that the City of Chicago Legislative Inspector General, Faisal Khan, is on a witch hunt.

It was a week and a half ago that Khan released a report stating that the progressive, reform-minded North Sider abused his authority by firing a staff member for blowing the whistle on political campaign work done in the ward office. The report also concludes that Moore fired his chief of staff and provides 81 days of severance pay.

On his website and in an email to 13,000 Ward residents, Moore is answering those charges. As for the severance pay, he says he was trying to be a good employer in a bad economy.

As for the allegation about the whistleblower, Moore says she didn’t know how to get along with others and was responsible for a toxic office environment.

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1 Comment

  • Guest

    The only thing Alderman Moore has confirmed is that he is a complete liar. He loudly proclaimed that the IG's claims were all completely false and he never did any of those things.

    Then, when the facts came to light, this typical pompous politician confirmed that he used taxpayer money to pay severance to employees, and one of those employees said that money came with instructions to keep quiet about it. He then admitted that campaign work was being done in his ward office, and the intern in question confirmed it was done all the time.

    Joe's defense is that the employee he paid was a disagreeable person and the campaign work being done in his ward office was done by an intern. He wants us to believe these things matter.

    What we do know or certain is that Joe committed these acts and then lied about it.

    The remaining question is whether he will be further investigated and held accountable.

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