Bodies of 2 brothers found inside Evanston family business

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Two brothers were found shot to death inside their family business in downtown Evanston last night.

A relative says 38-year-old Azim Hakeem and his 34-year-old brother Mobeen were found shot multiple times inside The Evanston Pipe & Tobacco Shop.

Their uncle says their mother became suspicious when they weren’t answering the phone after the store was suppose to  be closed.

Sensing there was something terribly wrong – and noticing a padlock on the inside of the door, he says their mother immediately notified police.

Police and firefighters broke into the store a short while later, and found the brothers’ bodies in the basement.  The last transaction on the register was approximately 1:30 yesterday afternoon.

Those who frequent the shop describe the brothers as kind and helpful.

“They were always very nice, polite and  knowledgeable,” said Craig Soutter.

Relatives say the two brothers were the primary caretakers for their elderly father.

At the family’s home in Evanston, a note is posted on the front door reading in part: “My brothers were gentle, humble men who did not deserve anything like this. Both were great brothers, sons, nephews and cousins. We would like the Evanston police to be respectful of our culture and religion and be more transparent with their information.”

The family had been celebrating Ramadan, but their uncle says the celebration is over as the family now prepares for funeral arrangements.

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