Quinn signs law pushing Peotone Airport forward

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Peotone Airport is another step closer to landing airplanes. Today, Gov. Quin signed a law allowing for the south suburban airport to be built. The FAA still has to approve specifics.

The area’s third airport  is supposed to create some 25,000 jobs during  construction and once fully operating.  It’s the governor’s main reason for pushing for the project. Senate Bill 20 foots the $71 million needed to buy the rest of the land to at least get the inaugural footprint of Peotone built.  While larger airlines like United and American are not interested in leaving O’Hare, cargo planes instead of private planes could soon fill the south suburban skies.

Peotone has been controversial and greatly debated for decades.  The creation of the airport could put area farmers out of business.

Judy Oglala is the Vice President of STAND, Shut the Airport Nightmare Down. She and her farming husband will lose all they have if the FAA approves the project.

Quinn makes push for Peotone airport“It’s a devastation to  our family,” she said.  “Governor Quinn I thought was for the little guy and he completely forgets us all the time.”

Farming is a legitimate job, too, she says. She thinks Peotone is more about politics during election time than it is about airports and creating real jobs in IL.

No word yet on when the FAA will make it’s decision.

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  • Marty

    Once again outstanding farmland that the public needs for food will be wasted so certain people with the right friends get contacts and bids to make a buck. Stop the airport and grow food that w all need to survive.

  • jerry

    Are the eight runways at Ohare somehow insufficient for cargo planes to land on? Is not having to truck their cargo the remaining 60 miles just too convenient? Is the $71 million burning a hole in the states bank account?

    I'm searching for a good reason as to why this airport needs to exist, and I haven't found one in the 15+ years it has been a talking point.

  • Jessica

    It amazes me that the politicians would rather ruin perfectly good farmland to build an airport when there is already an airport close to 20 minutes away. Do people realize where their food comes from? Once there is no farmland available to grow food products on because people are too busy ruining it to build on, we will be importing our food. How can the state afford this when we already have enough money problems. Secondly, creating jobs, excuse me but construction for the airport will only last so long. Not to mention how can this bill be passed for the public funding to go towards money to build a new stadium for a private school??? People wake up!!! These politicians are not helping the people they are helping themselves!!!!! Oh Quinn you forgot about the good people didn't you.