Emanuel criticizes Guardian Angels patrolling Mag Mile

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Mayor Emanuel criticized the Guardian Angels for patrolling the Magnificent Mile.

This morning, the angels answered his criticism.

Two days ago, the volunteer patrols passed out flyers to shoppers on north Michigan Avenue, offering personal safety tips in the wake of several robberies.

Wednesday, the mayor said the flyers went too far by characterizing the Magnificent Mile as the “Muggers Mile.” He suggested the angels would be more welcome elsewhere.

The angels say they already patrol many of those areas, and they’re inviting the mayor to join them on one of their patrols, so he’ll have a better understanding of what they do and where.

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  • Spirit

    The Mayor is correct…..these Guardian Angels are just men dressed in hoodies with red hats EXCUSE me but anyone can do this job. The Guardian Angels should go help the police in the real bad neighborhoods and they'll probably run for their lives.

    • bob

      They're still doing more than you are just sitting at home and criticizing them. Use some common sense for once and realize that Rahm's plan isn't working! Stop blindly following him like a good little sheep!

  • Nope

    The fact is "anyone can do this job" EXCEPT NO ONE DOES IT! We apparently have a shortage on police officers in the city, but have money to build a new stadium? People like Guardian Angels volunteer to keep people like your critical self safe when the shit really does hit the fan!

  • Lil Irish

    Rahm is just like his crony Obama – deny deny deny. Fiddle while Rome burns, Rahm. At least these young men are willing to volunteer. Why is he really criticizing them? It's like an impotent man lashing out at his wife's lover.

  • keeping real

    why don't guardians patrol other real hot spots!!! any fool could go down that gold mile!! I guest for the fat cats to feel safer!! morons!!!!!

    • bob

      These "fat cats" are the ones actually spending money and contributing to Chicago's economy. They also pay for your welfare checks.

  • thelogicalpositivist

    Rahm's in denial. It is Muggers' Mile. He thinks the CPD and human rights-violating gun laws will make the city safe when they clearly don't.