Passing the torch in Chicago’s 33rd Ward

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Wednesday’s Chicago City Council meeting was the last for retiring Alderman Richard Mell and the first for his daughter, Deb Mell.

She succeeds her father as the new alderman of Chicago’s 33rd ward.

Reflecting on his retirement Mell said, “What I liked about this job was the one-on-one contact with my constituency that sometimes you lose today with all the emails.”

Mell spent almost four decades in public service.

He now plans to work on his business ventures and possibly help out with future political campaigns.

Mell has been replaced by his daughter, Deb, who jokingly referred to her father during her first speech as 33rd Ward Alderman, “I think my father probaby speaks a little longer than I do, so I suspect our city council meetings are going to be a little shorter.”

Her comments were greeted by laughter and applause from fellow aldermen.

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  • Roy

    some things in Chicago polítics will never change. Whats so great about her? Oh, thats right, she is his daugther. Nothing else really matters……..

  • Ismael

    This is a guaranteed "YES" vote for the mayor on any agenda He proposes. Like father like daughter. This is Chicago the most crooked city in the nation.

  • keeping real

    well MORONS you people keep elected this officials!!!! get out there and vote or shut your pie hole!! LETS GO BEARS!!!

    • Roy

      I am Not a Morón. You on the other hand may be just that. I dont and didnt vote for these people. In this case no one got a chance, she was simply given this position because of her last name. I will agree that Not enough people Vote inteligently. Many dont vote at all.