State Rep. Davis clarifies comment about police murdering children

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

State Representative Monique Davis is clarifying an explosive remark she made on a Detroit radio station.

The lawmaker was invited on the show after she called on Governor Quinn to bring in the National Guard to fight violence in Chicago.

She repeated what she says are whispers in her community — that Chicago police are responsible for the murders of black children.

A spokesman for the Chicago Police Department called the rumors “baseless and outrageous.”

Davis re-iterated Friday that she does not believe the rumors are true, and said she believes police work very hard to support her community.

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  • Ismael

    State rep. Davis the police shot a six year old girl last night and a relative of another State rep. I see why our state is in the condition it is . We have people with no brains in Springfield. How can anybody say something like this is beyond me. She has to be the dumbest State rep. in Illinois. If She ever calls the police They should not show up. Thank God She does not represent my district. She is real dummy.

    • Ronny

      I think you are the dummy! Are you dumb, deaf, & blind? You think the CPD are angels?

      Chicago taxpayers to pay $10 million in another Jon Burge settlement

      7/20/13, 2:10

      By: FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter
      Chicago taxpayers will shell out $10 million to compensate a man who spent 25 years in prison for a double-murder he did not commit after being beaten into confessing by convicted former police Cmdr. Jon Burge and his crew at Area 2.

      On Friday, the City Council’s Finance Committee approved the settlement for 47 year-old Eric Caine, bringing the tab for police abuse and misconduct cases resolved this year to at least $64 million and the overall tab for Burge-related cases to nearly $70 million.

      Mayor Rahm Emanuel set aside $27.3 million to settle lawsuits against the city for all of 2013.

      Caine’s settlement is one of the largest for Burge’s alleged torture victims—and for good reason.

      He spent nearly half his life in prison for the 1986 murder of Vincent and Rafaela Sanchez after Burge’s crew allegedly tortured Aaron Patterson, who confessed to a double-murder he did not commit and falsely implicated Caine.

      After being taken into an interrogation room where he saw Patterson “all beat up,” Corporation Counsel Stephen Patton said Caine was taken into a separate room and threatened with the same sort of physical abuse if he did not confess.

      “He also claims that, when he refused to sign a confession after several hours of interrogation, he was struck by a detective with the cuffed hand on the side of his head and that this strike ruptured his eardrum and caused him to finally sign the confession,” Patton told aldermen Friday.

      A doctor who treated Caine after his interrogation has signed an affidavit verifying the ruptured eardrum and saying the injury was “caused by trauma consistent with being slapped on the side of the head with a cuffed hand,” Patton said.

      “That doctor…is still around. He testified in this case…and maintains that he believes Mr. Caine was tortured and that there was actual physical evidence of that,” Patton said.

      “This is the first case that I’ve brought to you where we’ve had actual physical confirmation — medical evidence of abuse.”

      Friday’s settlement clears the deck of all but three Burge cases inherited by Emanuel. Caine’s is one of the largest. Only Alton Logan’s $10.25 million settlement was bigger.

      Patterson was pardoned by then-Gov. George Ryan in 2003 and released from Death Row. Caine remained in prison until 2011, when a judge tossed out his coerced confession and prosecutors dropped the charges.

      Burge was convicted in June 2010 of perjury and obstruction of justice for lying in a civil court case when asked if he knew of the alleged torture that went on under his watch. He is serving a 4 1/2-year sentence in federal prison.

      The Finance Committee on Friday also authorized two other police misconduct settlements worth $830,000.

      The first goes to a woman who was given a ride home by a Chicago Police officer in 2009 and sexually assaulted. The second goes to a man who was allegedly held and beaten by police in 2007.

      All of the settlements are expected to be approved by the full City Council next week. The city is insured, only against catastrophic settlements over $15 million.

    • MH Moore

      I continue to be very saddened by State Rep Davis AND many other black leaders comments that contine to purposely incite divisions of all kinds. Instead of these leaders doing something THEMSELVES to solve whatever their black brothers and sisters issues are, these so called leaders. sit in their rich towers snubbing their people while the black on black killings continue. Get off your high horses and REALLY resolve your own issues. We are all tired of the race card being used. Look in the mirror and take an honest look at the real racists.

  • Marty

    If a black person says something that enflames socity all they need to do is say "I'm Sorry" . Its something that is hard to understand you want peace and safty but you will not address issues in the black neighborhoods and create stiff rules to clean up these areas

  • ChicagoCommonSense

    Davis' comments provide a frightening insight into what many in her south Chicago neighborhood think. Rather than deal with what's really going on, they place blame everywhere else. The police should call her bluff and pull out of her district for a year completely and she and some of her nutty hat lady friends can do the patrolling. If the death toll goes down then Davis can confirm that it was those darn cops doing all the killing.

  • Ronny

    The Chicago Police Department is no angels they have done your share past present and future of dirty stuff including killing people and if you believe that they don't then you need your head examined they are some really good officers but there are some really bad officers that should've been gone a long time ago and still working. There is no transparency in the CPD so they have a great opportunity to hide things and they do and now they want an apology they want respect for the first they got to get it first thing to give it and it have to be right. I bet you I'm on their hit list now

  • BillyBob

    I've seen countless times when police do try to solve crimes in black communities and the people refuse to even talk to them. It has created such a horrible environment for the cops that they have difficulty doing anything. I don't know anything about Chicago but I do know that working in a hostile environment is very counter productive. The people need to work this whole problem backwards! Instead of screaming they need help they should be providing safety and reaching out to the policemen who do have the law on their side rather than jumping the gun and blaming them for the ills in the community. The police did not create those problems and I'm quite sure they'd be happy if those problems did not exist. As for cops killing children/people… the big questions is WHY? What is the root of the problem? Do you think cops just wake up every morning thinking "ah, what a great day. Let's go out and kill a bunch of people?"… erase the seed, don't feed the hate.

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