National Day of Justice for Trayvon Martin

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Civil rights leaders are calling Saturday a “National Day of Justice” for Trayvon Martin.

Chicago pastors handed out invitations Friday, to rally for Martin downtown.

The Reverend Al Sharpton has called for peaceful protests in 100 cities.

The local event will take place in front of the Dirksen Federal building at noon today.

Leaders hope to pressure the federal government to press hate-crime charges against George Zimmerman.

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  • Enrique

    With Michael Collins in the Command Spacecraft, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed in the Sea of Tranquility on July 20th 1969. In calibration, I’m going on a patriotic motorcycle ride and reflect about all the good things America does. God bless America.

    Later, my dog will get vanilla ice cream.

  • Guest

    It's between Martin, Zimmerman and God now. Wish they would stop showing the photo of Martin when he was a babyfaced kid – he was an adult, a punk, not that he deserved to die like that, but he was no angel. The president's racist comments were way off yesterday too. I have never heard a president take sides like that. Real class mr. pres, real class.

  • Jose

    Trayvon Martin choose to die when instead of getting to his father's house he decided to confront a vigilante who at the end was just trying to make that neighborhood better. He happened to be black. But he also happened to be on top. If he would had killed George Zimmerman, would all this protest be held? No, probably not. If he would had caused brain damage to George Zimmerman, would it had been in the news this long? No, probably not. Trayvon Martin probed that he was a violent, delinquent capable to kill someone for the only reason of him been followed.

    I heard this week that his father were saying that he will think about what his son's legacy would be. Legacy?… Legacy is what Martin Luther King left, or what Jessee Jackson will, or what Nelson Mandela will… is Trayvon Martin in that league? That probably is the reason why all the comments here are disregarding the rally and all other set of events surrounding this case. That goes without saying that expecting the federal system now to accuse George Zimmerman, paying with our tax money for it, is just not right. As someone said there are kids being killed in our streets every single day, and no one is rallying for that or putting pressure on our school system to get fix or to help families so they can get out of that way of the delinquency "sub-culture".

    That there is still racism in this country? Of course. But government can't forbid people to think as they do and to do what they do. How far is this going to go now? Because pretending to criminalized racial profiling is just getting into people's thoughts…. and that is really dangerous.

    In summary I think it is absurd to keep on going with this matter using this case. It is polarizing and if there is something that we had seeing before, is that division never leads to victory. Have a good day, and God bless you all.

  • DC123

    Why not "National Day Of Justice for ALL" why single one person out? Especially for Chicago. Insead of focusing on this, You need to be addressing, and investigaing Benghazi, The IRS, phone/email tapping. Eric Holder, the goverment stooge needs to be fired! Don't let this little smoke screen fool you. The court made a verdict. Don't like it, then start removing people in high political office.

  • Guest22a

    I bet the "Black National Anthem" (yes, on the South Side of Chicago, the public schools play both the Nat'l Anthem AND the "black national anthem"….("Lift Every Voice")……….will be played all over today!
    I use to REFUSE to stand and honor the other anthem…..I use to ask my colleagues to show me where the United States has a second anthem!! What a disgrace! And this was done when I was teaching back in the 1980's!

  • P Marshall

    I Agree Justice Has Been Served!! People Get Over It OK!!! What About Crime in Chicago!! Let Us Have A National Day In Chicago!! Yes Chicago Could Lock All The Gang Bangers But They Do Not Care!! Where Are All the Guns Coming From!! I Smell A Fish!!! Jackson Jr Makes Me Sick!! Trying To Or Stealing Money From The People Like 750,000!! And Jackson Acts Like His Son Should Be Forgiven!! People Here In Chicago Should Wake Up And Vote Out All The Bad People OK Start Over!! This City Makes Me Sick!!

  • Samantha

    Why are they insisting on showing Trayvon as a child? He has grown since these photos and has face tattoos about 6'3" and over 200. Shocked wgn wouldn't show the updated person and its rather disappointing.

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