Urban Outfitters unveils shirt with symbol of Chicago street gang sign

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Urban Outfitters is causing some controversy over what some perceive to be a gang sign on one of its t-shirts.

While the company calls it the shirt ‘Vanguard Pitchfork’, critics said the sign looks disturbingly similar to a symbol for notorious Chicago gang, Gangster Disciples.

Critics want it pulled immediately.

Urban Outfitters has not commented.

It’s not clear whether the company knowingly used the symbol of the gang or whether it was a mistake.

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    • guest

      It doesn't really matter whether it's a coincidence or not. If you buy and wear the shirt, you are sporting a recognizable gang symbol. Depending on where you wear it, you may suffer some consequences because you are believed to be affiliated with the gang.

  • Truthdude

    No worries, it is a pretty ugly shirt anyway and won't sell. If it does you'll see it around Lincoln Park and Arlington Heights versus where people actually know what it means ;-)

    • sps

      Chicago is famous for the Gangster Disciples and they will wear the shirt!!!! Trust me when i say this that if its seen around Lincoln Park and Arlington Heights someone will surely get hurt.

  • John

    If gangsters want a shirt with a pitchfork on it, they can have one made cheaper than buying this name brand one. Don't let fear cause you to succumb to government censorship. Gang symbol or not, I don't want the long arm of the government telling us what we can wear!!

    • guest

      The government isn't telling you or anyone else what to wear, and it's not a censorship issue.
      The government is not involved. If Urban Outfitters really wants to appear coy about having a gang affiliation, the Fashion Police will step in, but they can't enforce anything, and have no government ties. If you have no fear of wearing this shirt, you are free to make your fashion statement!

  • Faith

    Imo, they did it on purpose to create controversy and attention. Controversy always sells a product. Remember, the name of the game is Money.

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