CPS lays off more than 2,000 employees

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Chicago Public Schools lays off more than 2,000 employees, including more than 1,000 teachers. CPS to lay off more than 2,000 employees

Of the 1,036 teachers being let go, about half are tenured. The rest of those affected are non-teachers and support staff.

Back in June, CPS laid off 855 employees, including 420 teachers. They were let go because of the district’s decision to close 49 elementary schools and a high school program.

CPS’ latest lay offs come at a time when it’s struggling to fix a one billion dollar deficit.

CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett released a statement Friday morning saying in part, “As a former principal and teacher, I share the frustration felt by many of our principals, teachers, and parents about the difficult decisions our schools are being forced to make because of the historic $1 billion deficit facing our district.”

She went on to point out the central office has already cut nearly $600 million since 2011.

The Chicago Teachers Union says in response, “It’s unconscionable for a mayor who has found creative ways to create new bike lanes, a bike share program, lure white collar jobs and massive investment to the loop and gold coast —  but yet blames Springfield and teachers for CPS’s budget crisis to layoff over 3,000 educators in the nation’s third largest school district.”

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  • Aggie

    SOrry, don't agree with CTU. If the teachers had not been so greedy they would not have bankrupted Chicago's education program. Glad to see some tenure teachers are being let go…..older does not mean better. A city needs other things than costly schools to thrive…..Mayor Emanual is doing good things to improve the quality of life in this city. Unfortunately, teachers have not done that well in educating our children.

  • joe

    The City and Schools are paying for the sins of the past 20 year (Daley)Administration. The former Mayor and the City Council were cowards for not making the correct decisions. They broke the piggy bank to pay for downtown parks, a failed olympic host attempt, while directing money to the well connected. They took care of themself and had a total disregard for the future of Chicago. The blood is on plenty of hands. Yet their is still money for a Maggie Daley Park downtown and a new basketball stadium. The Democrats and Emanual have a pretty diffecult job on his hands. The Dems have been in control of this town for 60 years and we have the worst schools, highest homicide rate and the highest taxes. The tax payers are leaving and you can raise taxes all you want, except their will be no one here to pay them. We need not be reminded of Detroit, which is not far off for Chicago. For Chicago People, there are three things in life, death, taxes and the Cubs in last place. In the end, Chicago might have to close all the public schools.


    Nice work Lewis. You get greedy and strike for higher salaries from a broke city. Now that broke city (whose credit rating was triple downgraded by the way) can't afford to pay everyone, 2000 jobs lost. How much sympathy do I have? ZERO!

    @Jock E Shift: couldn't agree more, that greedy pig needs to go.

  • guest

    I heard on WGN a teacher arguing that teachers shouldn't be laid off because children deserve the best education. I agree and question whether they were getting the best before the layoffs.

    • bozo

      Nobody should be surprised about this.
      The greedy Union held a strike against an already technically bankrupt school system.

      . . . and now they are surprised what happened?

      The greed of the Union is only eclipsed by their stupidity.

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